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11-10-2004, 7:11 PM
I'm trying to peice together family names from Holy Island, the main ones being SHELL, LILBURN, CROMARTY, YETTS & RANKIN, late 1700's thru to 1800's.. Anyone got any more infor for me please? Many thanks - Moira

11-10-2004, 9:31 PM
You may get some help from the NBI as there are about 4000 entries for Holy Island in the first edition thats now on line at FHOL.
Derek Cuthbert

12-10-2004, 8:32 AM
Thanks for reply & help Derek, there's so many of them & difficult to 'pair up' though!! Will perservere, Regards, Moira

22-11-2004, 12:50 PM
You might try looking for Reveley. There were quite a few around in Northumberland. Here's a little story which includes at least one "Reveley" with connections to the island.

Richard Reveley was the son of William Reveley of Islandshire, and is mentioned in Sadlers State Papers:
1559-1560. Certain interrogatories to be mentioned to Richard Riveley- To call for Richard Riveley, of Ancroft, and to inquier of him where he was that nyght that Robert Dawson’s 7 oxen were taken oute of Skirmerston. To knowe also where he was a Saterdaye at nyght last, viz. The 16th of December, and what company he was with. If he saye he was at home, then let it be inquyred why he cam not to the fraye that was at Cheswick, when Raphe Smythe’s geare was taken away by the Scotts; if he answer that he harde it not, that cannot be trew, for there cam 20 men after the Scotts shuting overthwart Ancroft moore, and they harde the watches of Ancroft speake, so as he must neds heare it also.

George Reveley was granted the mill of Ancroft in 1518 by his uncle, Sir Edward Grey. George married the daughter of Henry Swinhoe of Cheswick. She was co-heir of the Swinhoe estate. They had three sons, Edward, Ralph, and Thomas, and one daughter, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Reveley married John Burrell of Howtell, Northumberland. He was the Viscount of Northumberland in 1615.

Thomas Reveley lived on Holy Island (Islandshire). Hions to the island.

22-11-2004, 12:54 PM
Sorry about my earlier message. Seems I did some double copying somehow. Hope you can sort it out.