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11-04-2009, 3:24 AM
I would like to keep this short but, without the back story it will not seem like much. So I start from the beginning:

My Grandmother (on my mother's side) was born in 1915, I am lucky enough to have her birth certificate, and on it her mother was listed as having 3 children, with two surviving (my Grandmother was the second born). For some reason I can not stand the thought of someone in my family not having a memorial on their grave, so I start to look for the unknown child.

This is where the fun begins. My search for a child born to Scollan in Winnipeg turns up nothing, but I find my Great Grandfathers marriage, (My grandmotherís maiden name was Scollan). Too bad it is not to Connachan/Conachan/Conaghen/any of the other spellings I found for my Great Grandmother. It was to Slass.

Searches for Slass come of with nothing and nothing for Connachan (+ different spellings) on census records.

So today it all came to an end. A search on Scotlandís People found Annie Connachan married William Sloss in October 1904. Daughter Mary was born in May of 1906.

If you read from the beginning you know there is no happy ending for Annie. Annieís parents had passed by the time she married, Mary her daughter was born in May of 1906, William died a few weeks later. Mary died in August of 1906. Annie came to Canada alone in 1907 and married my Great Grandfather in 1912.

When I first started looking I have to admit I thought she was hiding something. In the end I canít imaging what she went through, I am just glad she did. By the way, my Grandmothers name was Mary.

Sue Mackay
11-04-2009, 5:49 AM
So glad you managed to piece it all together. Our ancestors, especially those who crossed the oceans in search of a better life, were pretty tough in the face of adversity.