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17-03-2009, 6:33 AM
In tracing my family across the centuries and across America and through several name changes (Kaub-Kaup-Koup-Coup) I have reached the stage where I need to "guess" where they may have come from. My ancestor Johann Valentine Kaub died in Pennsylvania in 1786 and his age indicates that he was born c 1742. One reference to Valentine claims that he was born in Germany despite also claiming that his father, Christian, arrived in America in 1738. I believe there is an error in accepting the 1738 Christian Kaupp as the father of Johann Valentine Kaub.

All I know for sure is that my early American ancestors attend the Lutheran Church (either Reformed or Evangelical, depending, I guess, on which flavour of Lutherans were local). Also originally they were German speaking which means that they came from a German speaking area of 18th century Europe, an area somewhat more extensive than nowadays.

I am looking for Johann Valentine Kaub's birth around 1742 or a marriage of Christian Kaub and Barbara sometime before that.

I am also interested in any occurrence of the name Kaub in 18th century Europe especially around 1740.

I have found an interesting site that gives you a distribution of any surname you enter BUT it is derived from telephone lists and is limited to the modern day boundaries of Germany.

So if you spot my name in your travels please make a note of it and let me know. Any assistance welcome