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sue adams
20-02-2005, 3:48 AM
On her 1888 marriage certificate my ggrandmother Mary Ann Vivian's residence is given as Belvedere House, Bath. Her father John Vivian gives his occupation as Coachman.

Does anyone know of this house? Is it likely John was coachman at the house and he and his daughter lived in tied accommodation? Is it still in existence?

Any information would be very welcome.

Many thanks,


21-02-2005, 7:54 PM
Part of the Lansdown Road in Bath is called Belvedere.

If you look on www.
streetmap.co.uk/ and search for a street called Belvedere it is fairly high in the results.

A search on www.
historicaldirectories.org/ using the keyword search for 1880s, Somerset and 'Belvedere House' gives 16? results in the Post Office Directory for 1884/85. Miss Hemingway lived at Belvedere House, 30A Belvedere at that time. I have not checked any of the other hits in this directory to see what they show.

John Vivian had retired by 1891 and was living with his wife in the house of a nephew, Cecil J Bright (an artist) in Newbridge Road in the Weston district of Bath. You can also find him in the 1881 census.

I hope this helps.

Viv (Vivian!!!)

sue adams
26-02-2005, 12:36 AM
Thanks, Viv, very helpful.

Lansdown Road is very close to Walcot, where John was living in the 1881 census.

My search in the 1884/85 Post Office Directory showed the entry for Miss Hemingway, then seemed to get stuck on an advertisement for a Grocery and Provisions Supply Stores for all the other possible hits. This one is encouraging, though.

Do you have the full transcript or image of the 1891 census entry, by any chance? I have no record of the surname Bright in my researches - this is a new direction.