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11-10-2004, 10:27 AM
Posting my name interests in Norfolk. Still getting used to this new system!

06-07-2006, 10:23 AM
I am replying to a note posted in nov 2004 by TLawrence ( I've just found the site!)
I am looking for a Sarah Ann Emerson b c 1826 , not sure where but around Yarmouth possibly. Her mother was Elizabeth, but no father on 1841 census and of course we don't know whether Elizabeth was a widow at this time.
Sarah m Thomas Stolworthy, had 4/5 children. After Thomas' death she married a John Bowles in Yarmouth in 1861. I have some more information though, as always there are gaps!!!
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07-07-2006, 8:25 AM
The only Sarah Emerson in my records was baptised 1802 as Emmerson in Gaywood, near King's Lynn. All my Emersons seem to come from there. Sadly it doesn't look like we connect.

T. Lawrence

07-07-2006, 1:19 PM
Thanks for your reply.
Sarah is a bit of a mystery!
In fact the whole family seems to be!


28-11-2007, 12:53 AM
I think I have the answer to this. Sarah Ann Emerson was born 1831 at Great Yarmouth, daughter of a seaman who died before the 1851 Census and Elizabeth who was born in 1790/1 at Potter Heigham, Norfolk. In the 1841 Census Sarah Ann's mother Elizabeth was described as married, living at Thornham, Norfolk, with a child named Eliza Fox aged 5. I cannot remember if Sarah was there too. In the 1851 Census Elizabeth is a widow living with Sarah Ann (a silk factory worker) and Thomas Stolworthy (Jnr), her grandson, at Priory, Great Yarmouth. Sarah had married Thomas Stolworthy (Snr) (also a mariner when their 3rd child Sarah Ann Stolworthy was born) in 1848 at Great Yarmouth. Their other children were Mary A, James, William and Elizabeth. The 1861 Census shows Sarah Ann to be a widow, working as a charwoman,living with living with children Thomas, Mary A., James & William at Barrows Walk, Great Yarmouth. Her mother Elizabeth was visiting. Sarah Ann remarried John Bowles (a ropemaker) in 1861, and they had children Elizabeth and Hannah M. Bowles. The 1871 Census apears to have Sarah incorrectly described as Elizabeth. She was still working as a charwoman, and living at Row 29, Great Yarmouth. When her daughter Sarah Ann married James Stephen Holloway in 1873 she was living at Market Road, Great Yarmouth. I do not have a death record for Sarah Ann (Snr) but she does not appear in the 1881 Census. See my tree at http://wc.rootsweb for more info. Enter 'annedorothy' in the database box. The reason for husbands Emerson and Thomas Stolworthy being absent from the Censuses is probably because they were mariners out fishing.