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08-02-2009, 8:01 PM
Does anyone have a Hufton in their family please?
My ancesters came from Edwinstowe Nottingham. They include John and Sarah Hufton and a George and Sarah Hufton.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you:)

08-02-2009, 8:09 PM
Hello BrassPlayer,

What sort of information are you looking for regarding your Huftons and what do you already have? Then people will know what to look out for to help. :)

09-02-2009, 3:56 PM
Unfortunately, there are no HUFTONs baptised at Edwinstowe on the Notts FHS Baptismal Index cd that I have. However, there are 2 marriages on the FHS Marriage Index:

23 January 1827 at Misson George HUFTON married Sarah NEWBERT
19 April 1785 at Edwinstowe John HUFTON married Sarah WORDSWORTH

and the following burials, all at Edwinstowe, on the Notts FHS Burial Index:

10 March 1818 Sarah HUFTON, aged 53
9 February 1817 Charles HUFTON, aged 8
27 December 1823 John HUFTON, aged 70
11 September 1825 Henry John HUFTON, aged 18 weeks

Do you have any census info - if not let us know as I certainly have George & Sarah in the 1851 and Sarah in census records after this.


09-02-2009, 7:56 PM
I only have the information as follows...
1. John1 Hufton was born Bef. 1775. He married Sarah.

Children of John Hufton and Sarah are:
i. John2 Hufton, born 1796 in Edwinstowe,
ii. Mark Hufton, born 1799 in Edwinstowe,
iii. George Hufton, born 1801 in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire,
iv. Charles Hufton, born 1808 in Edwinstowe,

Generation No. 2

George2 Hufton (John1) was born 1801 in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Sarah Newbert 23-Jan-1827 in Mission, Nottinghamshire, England. She was born 1804 in Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire,

Children of George Hufton and Sarah Newbert are:
i. John3 Hufton, born 1827 in Mission, Nottinghamshire, died 1864 in Salford District.
ii. Elizabeth Hufton, born 1829 in Edwinstowe,
iii. Maria Hufton, born 1831 in Edwinstowe,
iv. Susan Hufton, born 1834 in Edwinstowe,
v. Jane Hufton, born 1835 in Edwinstowe,

I would welcome any information at all. Especially hatches/matches/despatches as my grandfather used to say. (He really meant Births/Marriages/Burials of course)

Where married/buried is of particular interest.
Many thanks

10-02-2009, 1:18 PM
Here they are in the 1851 census of Edwinstowe:

HO107/2135, folio 97, page 12
Truemans? Yard

George HUFTON Head Mar 49 Coal Porter Notts Edwinstowe
Sarah do Wife Mar 47 do Wife do Misson
Jane do Daur U 15 Scholar do Edwinstowe
Charles do Son U 13 do do do

And in the 1841 census of Edwinstowe (mistranscribed as HULTON):

HO107/850/1, folio 20, page 4

George HUFTON 35 Ag Lab
Sarah do 35
John do 14
Maria do 9
Susan do 8
Jane do 5
Charles do 3

All born in the county.

Here is Sarah in the 1861 census of Edwinstowe (RG9/2473, folio 69, page 7) living at Town Street:

Sarah HUFTON Head W 59 Nurse Domestic Notts Misson
Maria do Daur Un 29 Stillroom Maid do Edwinstowe

And in the 1871 census of Edwinstowe (RG10/3535, folio 67, page 2) still at Town Street:

George HOLLELY? Head Mar 36 Carpenter Derbyshire Dronfield
Elizabeth do Wife Mar 39 Notts Edwinstowe
Edwin G do Son 12 Scholar do do
John T do Son 10 do do do
Herbert do Son 8 do do do
Susannah do Daur 6 do do do
Frederic W do Son 1 do do
Sarah HUFTON Stepmother W 67 do Misson

There is a death registration of a George HUFTON in the September qtr 1853 at Southwell reg district (includes Edwinstowe), vol 7b, page 165 and also one for a Sarah HUFTON in the December qtr 1875 at Southwell, vol 7b, page 227, aged 73. There is also a marriage registration at Southwell in the June qtr 1858, vol 7b, page 357 of an Elizabeth HUFTON and a corresponding entry for a George HOLLELY.



11-02-2009, 11:28 PM
Well Jan, what can I say? I am truly grateful. This is extremely helpful thankyou. I am keen to trace the Hufton's back as far as possible and your help has definitely paved the way.
I have quite a lot of information on George Hufton's grandson and of course my mother's family (she is George Hufton's great, great granddaughter) it's the earlier generations that have eluded me somewhat. Now however, you have filled in some of the gaps with John/Sarah Wordsworth and George and Sarah Newbert......brilliant!

You mention Southwell. Strangely enough, a relative recently mentioned an Arthur Edward Hufton born Southwell in 1892. I don't know any more about this man, but he could be related?
Anyway Jan thank you very much.

12-02-2009, 11:11 AM
Had a look on the Notts FHS Baptism CD for the above and he was born 25 November, bap 25 December 1892 at Newark St Leonard son of Arthur Reuben & Annie Francis HUFTON of Kings Street, Southwell, Agent.

The family are in the 1901 census of Louth, Lincs (RG13/3083, folio 168, page 18) - transcribed as HUGTON by Ancestry - living at 67 Ridgate. Arthur Reuben is shown as aged 35, a Machine Minder, born Washingbrough Lincs - so don't know if this fits into your family or not. In the 1891 census Arthur R is described as an unmarried Agent for Singer Machines living at 1 Chapel Yard, Newark as a Lodger. The plot thickens as in 1881 he is in Lincoln living at 19 Grantham Street described as the son of Edward BARKER and his wife Elizabeth, so presumably Edward is his stepfather, and living with them, apart from his half siblings, is a Jane HUFTON, Visitor, Widow, 66, born Hykeham? Lincs. In the 1871 census of Washingboro, Arthur is living with his grandparents George & Jane HUFTON - no sign of mother Elizabeth.

There is a birth registration for Arthur Reuben HUFTON in the December qtr 1865 at Lincoln reg district, vol 7a, page 420, a marriage registration for an Elizabeth HUFTON in the September qtr 1873 at Lincoln reg district, vol 7a, page 885 and a corresponding entry for Edward BARKER and finally a marriage registration for Arthur Reuben HUFTON and Hannah Frances COUPLAND in the Dec qtr 1891 at Spilsby reg district, vol 7a, page 1245, all on FreeBMD.

Hope this fills in a few more blanks and may give you the connection for Arthur Reuben.