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Jason Hodges
13-02-2005, 5:40 PM
Looking for relative's of Joseph Albert William Hodges, my Grandfather, I am in Perth, Australia, (DOB est 29/12/1914) sent from Middlemore Emigration Homes, Birm. to Fairbridge Farms in Australia around 1921 or His mother Ellen (Eleanor Alice) Hodges (My Great Grandmother, never contacted or known family contacts) last address\'s 56 Otter? St Ladywood? / 89 Gladys Rd, Bearwood, Birm. / 167 Holyhead rd, Hansworth Birm. Known Kin in UK in 1928 were Olive 17, Lily 16, Florence 13, Francis? 10, Bertram/Bestram? 8 also an Aunt & Cousin in Quebec. He served in WW2 from 4/1940 with 2/3 AIF and was captured in Crete 1941, POW until 1945 then moved back to Australia.
Jason Hodges
Perth, Western Australia.

26-02-2005, 7:18 PM
As a boy I had a friend named Michael Hodges. (He would be about 65 now.) Michael had a younger sister named Sonia, now aged 62. The family lived at 37 Warwick Road, Warley, Worcestershire (now part of the District of Sandwell, West Midlands).

Michaelís father, ĎBert (Herbert, I think!) was a watchmaker and clock-repairer. Up to the mid-1950s he had a shop on Bearwood Road, Bearwood, Smethwick, later moving to other premises in Three Shires Oak Road, Bearwood.

Michaelís grandfather, Perrett Hodges, was a well-regarded photographer of studio portraits and photographic colourist in the days when colour-photography was VERY expensive for the ordinary person.. He took a photograph, that I still have, of me with my mother when I was about 4 years old.

I saw little of Michael after starting at secondary school, and lost touch with him completely after beginning university studies in London. I believe he attended a specialist secondary art school, in Stourbridge, I think. After secondary education he trained as an industrial pattern Ėmaker.

I donít recall ever hearing that the family had relatives in Gladys Road, Bearwood (where my aunt and uncle lived). However, Gladys Road is less than a mile from where Bert and his father had their work premises, so there may well be a connection.

Hope this helps!

Geoff Powers

21-01-2011, 12:22 AM
Hi Jason, I too have Hodges, do you have any names from 1800s ?? my first Hodges is a Hugh HOdges b1803, in Bakewell. He had a William b1834. Its this one line of family that ive got.
William went t London. If you do habve any previous 1900 names i will look & see if i have any.
cheers & good hunting chrisann

22-01-2011, 4:39 PM
To save others sending same info , a private message has been sent to Jason Hodges.
Otter St ? he refers to would more likely be Osler Street in Ladywood.
There was also a childrens home nearby .

Joseph A.W Hodges birth was registered in 1916 March Q ( so may have been born late Dec 1915 rather than 1914 as suggested )
His mother's maiden name was EVERITT

Other children born with surname HODGES & M.M.N - EVERITT in Birmingham
Frances b 1918
Bertram b 1920

Marriage found for -
William F HODGES = Eleanor A EVERITT
Birmingham Dec Q 1913
Ref: 6d-553