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Marlene Dale
10-02-2005, 11:18 AM
I am seeking the marriage of JOHN HENRY EDGEWORTH 1901 -1917 probably in the Birmingham area.

John was single in the 1901 census but when he died in WW1 in July 1917 in Belgium he left a widow FLORENCE (nee UNKNOWN) WARD who lived at 28 Ravenhust Rd Birmingham.

They may have had children before he died and I think there was at least one.
Has any kind soul saved the E for Edgeworth marriages between 1901 and 1917 who might at least be able to reduce the span of years I am searching by elimination?
Very grateful for any help
Marlene in New Zealand

Clive Blackaby
15-02-2005, 1:09 AM
Have you tried FreeBMD? they are gradually working into the 20th century records now, and at least being in NZ you can go on at 3a.m. our time without ruining your breakfast!!


Marlene Dale
15-02-2005, 2:21 AM
Kia Ora Clive
I tried after the last update and then posted my message - no sign! Just have to be patient I expect! John Henry Edgeworth and his cousin George Ernest Stephens both died in 1917 and probably wouldn't have known that their Uncle Henry had died in NZ a few months earlier! Finding their marriages and any subsequent births might be the only link I have to any family left in England. My problem is I am going forwards to 2005 and information from the 1901 census and the CWGC are all I have at present. Uncle Henry and his wife left Brum in 1878 and tracing back to the 1700s is a breeze in comparison to breaking the barriers after 1901 when you have no clues apart from the above!
The Free BMD is a wonderful resource and I have just received the cousins' grandparents death certs
In case anyone else reads this message I am seeking Ward/Stephens/Edgeworth/Byrne families in Brum c.1881-1901+ with a common base in Alcester Warks pre 1881.
Kiwi cuzzies are awaiting contact.
Ciao Clive

Clive Blackaby
16-02-2005, 12:14 AM
Hi Marlene,

Oh well only 7 years to wait for the 1911 census :) .

After I replied, I had a look at the progress charts on FreeBMD, and they seem to be completing the early C20 in blocks. They've also started putting the % complete by quarter, so it's a lot easier to decide which years and quarters to strike at first on 1837, i.e. those they haven't started on.

Just a hint for B-G forums. If you put the surname of those you are looking for in the title of your posts, they will catch the eye of those like me who often only have time to scan the headlines :cool:

Marlene Dale
16-02-2005, 4:12 AM
Hi Clive
Yes I have watched those stats for a while hoping they will move by osmosis!

16-02-2005, 9:03 PM
Hi Marlene

had some spare credits at 1837 have found one might fit

John H Edgeworth married someone with surname Jeffery at Aston (which is in Birmingham) ref is vol 6d page 470 year 1912 in the july/aug/sept quarter


Marlene Dale
17-02-2005, 9:35 AM
Sandiep you are a little wonder - I shall write to the Birmingham RO and get it checked and hopefully the certificate!!AND how convenient it is after 1911 so should be able to find out if they had children from the Free BMD when they catch up!!
Your help is much appreciated as I have no names at all after the 1901 census - my folks had been in New Zealand since 1878. Going forwards is no joke!
I can tell my Faireys are sitting on my shoulder . Will go to bed a very happy chapess ... thank you

Marlene Dale
16-03-2005, 7:50 AM
Hi Sandiep

Got the Cert. Absolutely accurate. THANK YOU! Frederick had married a widow no wonder I couldn't find anything about her! Her father's name REEVES helped no end to tie up all the ends.
Thank you so much -it is not easy going forwards from when Frederick's brother left B'ham in 1878!

17-03-2005, 10:39 PM
great news marlene send me a message if I can help with anything else

good hunting sandie

Marlene Dale
18-03-2005, 10:16 AM
Hi Sandie
You are a tiger for punishment! And I am very grateful for your offer of help.
I have my great gran's 2 brothers both of whom, I think, died in London.

William Fairy born 1848 in Hunts married Martha Ellen Trewin in London in 1869.
In 1888 he fathered a child Ellen Louise Fairy who was baptised at St Saviours 5 December 1888. Ellen Louise's death is recorded in the Sept. Qtr of 1889 aged 0.

Martha Ellen is recorded as a widow on the 1891 census living in St Johns area Fulham.
William Fairy died between March Qtr 1888 and March Qtr 1891?

John Fairy born 1850 in Hunts married Florence Mullins in Birmingham 1875. He is on the 1901 census aged 50 and working at the London Law Courts. There are references in various Court Directories that his wife is a widow living in Almshouse in Camberwell 1902-5. His daughter Annie Louise married 30 October 1904 and stated her father was deceased.

John Fairy died between 31 March 1901 and 30 October 1904.


20-03-2005, 3:31 PM
afraid you seem to have beaten me this time have looked through 1837 for all those years and no luck and not many with that name did notice a couple with name of fairey might fit

William Fairey age 46 Marylebone 1a 463 trouble is its June quarter 1891 mind you might not have been registered straight away.

John Fairey age 46 whitechapel 1c 192 Mar quarter 1903
John Fairey age 57 gravesend 2a 500 Mar quarter 1902

unlikely but best I could do sorry


Marlene Dale
21-03-2005, 3:31 AM
Hi Sandiep
Thaks heap for looking for me. I think I will try the GRO for William Fairey and ask about John at the same time.
Very appreciative of your help with my flitting Faireys - they went everywhere so anything is possible!

22-03-2005, 1:10 AM
Hi Marlene

What BYRNEs are you looking for in Brum?

I have a Gertrude, John Samuel (Jack), Ethel & Ivy...



Marlene Dale
22-03-2005, 4:21 AM
Kia Ora Mike
I am looking for the family of my greatgrandfather Henry WARD. He left B'ham in 1878 so I am in the unfortunate position of going forwards rather than backwards!

Henry's sister Jane Ward married James BURNS in Aston in 1892. He was as 23 year old girth weaver whose father was John BURNS also a weaver.
There is no doubt this is the right Jane. I am not so sure about the spelling of Burns/Byrne as you will see which makes it very difficult to folow James wih any certainty.

In 1894 they had a daughter named Eva Mary BYRNE and in 1898 a son named James Henry Victor BYRNE.

Eva Mary was born in Holte Rd Aston Manor and James Henry at his grandparents home in Millward St.

The only other piece of "news" I have after the 1901 census is that Jane BYRNE was present at the death of her mother in 1910.

James Burns or Byrne was not with the family on the 1901 census so at present I have no further info.

Have you come across this problem with your Byrnes? It's driving me nuts!