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One of the stories told by my late and much missed aunty Mu (pronounced mew as in the abbreviation of Muriel) was of two of her uncles, the brothers of her mother. They were Charles and Daniel Guilfoyle - at least that's what we think they might have been called.

Daniel was a bit of a lad, apparently, and he married a spanish girl. After a while they went to Spain to visit relatives and while there they had a row and she threw him out into the street naked and penniless. He had to run to the British Consul because her brothers were chasing him and intended killing him. He was repatriated by the Consul and soon left to go to sea again. He then met and married a french girl called Fani in Marseilles and then in 1924 he immigrated into USA and Fani went soon after.
The thing is, as Aunty used to say, he had forgotten to end the first marriage before embarking on the second one so he 'borrowed' his brother's name to get married and became Charles Daniel Guilfoyle.
I had some money as a Christmas present and then I had a message from Ancestry reminding me that my subscription was due for renewal in three weeks. I decided that I would have the worldwide sub so that I could make a real effort to find all the relatives that skipped to America.
I looked for Charles Daniel in the 1930 Census and found him very quickly. because of the way the search works on there I had another 28,000 names to look at if I wanted to so I started to skim through the list, hoping that charlesD might have naturalised or something and I found that too. Then I saw a Charles Seymour Guilfoyle in the British WW1 pensions index and thought that this might be the real Charlie - His father used Guilfoyle Seymour ans his stage name. I looked at the records and the second or third page gave next of kin
Mother Bessie Seymour Guilfoyle, Brother Daniel Seymour Guilfoyle and sister Harriet Seymour Guilfoyle.
I have found the real Charlie. He joined the army in 1905 and was in India then Burma and then India again before coming out in 1912 and being called back and declared unfit in 1914. on one page it says he was in Mandalay - my dad used to sing 'On the Road to Mandalay' as part of his party piece.
Am I excited? you betcha! All Aunty knew was that he lived in Liverpool and had a family but had disowned the rest of his family. It looks like all the good, well behaved genes went to him and all the naughty ones spread through the rest of his family.
All I have to do is find out who the heck Harriet is because there has never - and I mean NEVER - been the slightest mention of that name in the family ....
but. The first wife of John Charles Guilfoyle Seymour was Harriet Hunter and she died in Childbirth and we believed that the child died too...
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How exciting!! Now you have your own puzzle for the new year!!