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31-12-2008, 4:52 PM
Today December 31 2008 is the 100th aniversary of my Great Grandmothers death in Minnining near Narrogin and tomorrow January 1st 2009 is the 100th aniversary of her funeral. Until my son and I tracked down her grave earlier this year, it looked like she was never visited after the funeral and her grave was just bare ground and her owen mother never knew where she lay. My son and I are planning to travel 2 hours to put flowers on her grave.

Her details are below and I would like to share this with the members of this forum and also ask them to have a thought for a woman from an english family of wealth who died in a two room school masters house 3000 kms from her family after a long illness and only 9 months after her daughter was born.

Elinor Rolfe Macpherson