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05-02-2005, 10:36 PM

I am looking for information in regards the company Mobbs Miller in Kettering. I believe it now has another name but it is still listed in the local registry as Mobbs Miller. They are in Carrington Street Kettering. My interest is that they took over from a family company called FA Miller and Sons or maybe be better known as Wellington Works. It was a boot and shoe factory.


06-02-2005, 2:50 PM
I live in Kettering. Although I don't know the answer I will when next at the reference libary see what I can find out for you. If this would help you. Hopefully in the next month I will get time.

07-02-2005, 11:24 AM
Much Appreciated Saja,THANK YOU. Regards Kerrie

Paul Gary Payne
13-04-2005, 12:32 AM
It was not a boot and shoe factory It made the wooden "lasts" (copy of a foot) that they made shoes around. Let me know if you need more info. I could be getting mixed up with a factory in I think Queen St.

10-05-2005, 1:36 PM
Hi Paul

I was uder the understanding that when it was FA Miller and Sons they made boots particularily for the Army. I am really not sure waht it is now but I would really like to find out about what happened and when.



02-09-2008, 4:12 PM

I am looking for information in regards the company Mobbs Miller in Kettering. I believe it now has another name but it is still listed in the local registry as Mobbs Miller. They are in Carrington Street Kettering. My interest is that they took over from a family company called FA Miller and Sons or maybe be better known as Wellington Works. It was a boot and shoe factory.

Hi Kerrie

I don't know whether there's any connection, but I have relatives name of Mobbs listed in the 1841 census for Holcot as Shoe Rivetters - 2 families, one in Front Street, the other in Back Street.

If you want details, please let me know.

26-10-2013, 2:54 PM
Did you get all the information you wanted about Mobbs Miller? I worked there for a few years in the 1970s and can add to and correct some incorrect information. For example, I confirm they were not boot or shoe manufacturers but made components for shoe manufacturers such as lasts (in wood originally but in plastic later on) in Kettering and heels in Northampton.
A great firm to work for!

08-01-2015, 11:49 AM
Hi John - I'm on a different tack on Mobbs Miller! Do you remember whether on not they made lasts for Loake in Kettering? Happy New Year.

07-08-2016, 8:04 AM
hello g/day i have also relative named mobbs in kettering pls contact me re Mike Burton

18-04-2017, 12:33 AM
Hi, My name is Alan, from Australia. I am researching my distant relatives, by the name of Mobbs. My Great Great Great Great Grand Father immigrated to Australia, his name was Owen Mobbs and his wife was Ellen Mahoney. The immigrated to South Australia and lived in Truro SA. They came from Kettering Northhamptonshire. I have noticed the the name Mobbs is mentioned in many places there. Can anyone tell me if the is any significance with the name Mobbs in Kettering.
Thanks so much. Alan.

20-06-2017, 5:51 PM
Hi Chandim, I was born Paul John Mobbs in 1953 to Doreen Barbara Mobbs,(later adopted) I'm often in Kettering and would love to meet any prospective relatives.

20-06-2017, 6:04 PM
Hi Alansbax, I was born Paul John Mobbs in 1953 to Doreen Barbara Mobbs, I was adopted shortly after my birth and about a month ago my birth mothers family in Canada "found" me and I now have 1 half brother and 3 half sisters and so many nieces and nephews, even grand nephews than I know what to do with.
They "found" me via a DNA test I did with Ancestry dot com.
Litrally last week my brother mentioned the fact that the Mobbs family had a factory in Kettering making shoes.
Turns out they had one factory making sports shoes called EMBERKAY, another making Shoe lasts that revolutionised the shoe making industry, and another foundry making the metal castings for the lasts.
The shoe factory eventually burnt down but they are now part of FRANK WRIGHT & Co. You can still buy them. I would love to meet any Oz relatives and am currently out of Oz on a resident return visa.
If you would like to email me at mumkin.ops@hotmail.co.uk. I could share the DNA results with you.

20-06-2017, 6:13 PM
Hi Kerrie, I was born Paul John Mobbs but later adopted. Yes they did make sports shoes (EMBERKAY) and are now part of Frank Wright & Co.
In another factory they made lasts to make shoes and in a separate foundry the metal parts for the lasts. I visited Kettering last week and one of the factory's has been turned into a huge block of flats called MOBBS HOUSE. I will see if I can track down the street it was in.

28-06-2017, 11:22 AM
Hi Tim. yes my Mobbs ancestors are from Kettering, but I havent been able to connect them to the Mobbs shoe factory as i cannot find WHO owned the factory apart from owners being MOBB'S .... my G.G.G.grandmother was Sarah Ellen Mobb's, her father was Owen Mobbs with wife Ellen Mahoney. His father was Charles Mobbs and his wife was Harriet Chapman, they were married in Kettering and immigrated to OZ in 1846 on the Abberton immigration ship. Charles's father was Astil Mobbs married a Rebecca Clerk (Clark) and his father was John Mobbs who married a Dorothy ? ...His father was William Mobbs and was married to a Elizabeth Bluck and they all came from Finedon. Thats as far back as I have gotten so far on the Mobbs side which dates back to 1716 for William Mobb's ... Do you have any info on your Doreen Barbara Mobbs???
Regards Alan.

29-06-2017, 7:31 PM
Hi Alan,
I'm a bit short on detail at the moment as I have only just started this journey. I have always known I was a Mobbs but I have spent most of my life as a Matthews. Until a few weeks ago when my half brother in Canada (Gary Jones) got in touch.
He found me via a DNA test I did(if you send me your email address I might be able to share this with you).
Doreen Barbara Mobbs was my birth mother and she had me in 1953. Some time after having me adopted (at 3 weeks old) she set off to Canada and re married a Jones. This marriage produced my Half Brother Gary, 3 sisters and several nieces and nephews.....All of which I am trying to fix in some sort of order.....However I have hardly started.
They are aware that their is an OZ connection, and also a factory in New Brunswick Canada and at some point a Caravan park in Skegness UK??
I have a slight connection to Kettering as my (adopted) Cousin lives their and it turns out her husbands family (Hipwell) used to trade and socialise with the Mobbs.
As far as I can tell their were 3 factories one making sports shoes (EMBERKAY), one making Lasts to make shoes and a foundry making the metal components for the lasts.
Their is also another Mobbs from nearby called Edgar Mobbs, who was Captain of England Rugby, raised his own army, has a statue in Northampton and even has a punk / garage band named after him...Better Google or Wikipedia him.
As I say I have only just started tracking this and I have no idea what I am doing, however I am speaking (for the first time) to my half sister tomorrow and will ask her to interrogate Doreen's best friend (Doreen has passed)
I can only say I will get back to you when I have more info, not sure if and how we could be related but it would be nice to find out.
Tim Matthews(Was Paul John Mobbs)
P.S. My Email is mumkin.opsAThotmailDOTco.uk

11-07-2017, 12:05 PM
Hi Tim ...sorry to take so long to reply .
As i said my Mobbs ancestors immigrated to OZ in 1846, funny you should say when u were born as i was born in 1952. But unless you can link your earlier ancestors to an William Mobbs, John Mobbs, Astil Mobbs or a Charles Mobbs then i cant pick up a relationship as I cannot find any of their other off spring other than the direct bloodline down to Owen Mobbs in Australia, from Owen i have all his descendants and their brothers, sisters and children. I find it hard to access British records from Australia. So i am pretty stuck 1881 back.
Regards Alan.

11-07-2017, 9:15 PM
Hi Tim. yes my Mobbs ancestors are from Kettering, but I havent been able to connect them to the Mobbs shoe factory as i cannot find WHO owned the factory apart from owners being MOBB'S

Harry William Mobbs and Alfred Lewis were issued patent No 589,666. Patented Sept. 7,1897 in the US.

68 Princes Street Kettering
Harry Mobbs 38 boot laster Boot manufacturing born Kettering
Mary Ellen Mobbs 39 Kettering married 20 years 3 children born alive to the marriage, one has died
William Harry Mobbs 18 finisher
Archie Mobbs 14 clicker
Sarah Maria Foster 60 mother-in-law widow North Weldon
Minnie Groome 29 sister-in-law, widow, shoe machinist Kettering

A little history here. Evidently the factory was Mobbs and Lewis before it merged with Miller to become Mobbs and Miller Here (http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/starting-with-my-last-story-1-912810)

Harry with his parents and siblings
1881 RG11 Piece 1575 Folio 64 Page 17
Ford street Kettering
Thomas Mobbs 37 shoe riveter
Emily Mobbs (nee Wenn) 38
Kate Mobbs 10
Harry Mobbs 8
Frank Mobbs 3
All born Kettering

Thomas with his parents 1861
RG 9 Piece 956 Folio 17 Page 29
Thomas Mobbs 42 Shoe maker Kettering
Jane Mobbs (nee 42 Northampton
Mary Ann Mobbs 20 Kettering
Thomas Mobbs 17 Kettering
Alfred Mobbs 15 Kettering
Henry Mobbs 6 Kettering
John G Mobbs 4 Kettering

Possible parents
Thomas Mobbs
Baptised 4 Oct 1818
At Great Meeting-Independent, Kettering, Northampton
Father Wm. Mobbs
Mother Eliz.

There is this one in 1841 but born in Oxfordshire according to the enumerator.
Thomas Mobbs 23 apprentice shoemaker, born in county

Harry may not have owned the factory but he is connected with it.

An interesting exercise for me on a cold, wet miserable morning. :smile5:

11-07-2017, 9:30 PM
And the other half of the patent partnership
Lawton House, London Road Kettering Northamptonshire
Alfred Lewis 56 Widower Machinery & Lasts For Boot Trade, Employer, born Kettering
Dorothy Evelyn May Field 19 Niece Kettering
Edith Morris 20 servant Sellyoak (Birmingham)

22-07-2017, 9:26 AM
Hi Christina ...thank you so much for that info.... great work... I will check through it all tonight to see if it relates to any of my ancestors ... I cannot thank you enough ..I have been after that info for so long lol.. its just hard to access some things from Australia. A few friends from England have told me its often hard for them to access Australian records sometimes as well.. so thanks again.
Regards Alan .

22-07-2017, 9:53 AM
Hi Alan - I am a descendent of Charles.
and Harriet. My grandfather was Lione Owen Mobbs. I am interested in following Mobbs history, esp in Australia. I live in Adelaide.
Thanks for your efforts - Robin

24-07-2017, 3:57 AM
Hi Robin. WOW.. a relative .. awesome ..ok well Owen mobbs was my great great great great grandfather ..THIS is what I know ... or believe ... his daughter Sarah Ellen Mobbs was was my G G G Grandmother .. she married William Baxter ... I am one of his direct decendants ... after William died she remarried and had two more children to a William Parker ... Owen Mobbs arrived in Australia with his parents and 4 other siblings aboard the Abberton Immigration ship on the 13/12/1846,Charles and Harriet had two more children in Australia, Owen had 12 children with Ellen Mary Mahoney ... is it this Owen you are referring too or one of his children ??? . I dont have Owen down as Lionel Owen ,,, but he could have been ... I know Owen had at least two children with the name Owen in them. Please feel free to message me as I would LOVE to swap info ... Regards Alan .

24-07-2017, 6:58 AM
Hi Again Robin. I just realised you said Lionel Owen Mobbs was your Grandfather so that would make him one of Owen Mobbs descendants, a little further down the line. I have all the names of Owens children and most of the spouses and children. and some of their grandchildren. So which of Owens (son of Charles and Harriet) do you descend from or was it one of Charles's other children. There was
Mary Ann
Lucy and
Charles ... their son Owens children were
Charles W
Sarah ...my ancestor
Emmaline and
Christina who died when she was 6 weeks old.
Regards Alan.

24-07-2017, 6:58 AM
The Northampton Mercury, 4 Sep 1886 has a brief report of a cricket match between MOBBS BROS' SHOE FACTORY v MOBBS AND LEWIS' Foundry


24-07-2017, 7:18 AM
The Northants Evening Telegraph 28 July 1900
"The Company of Mobbs and Lewis Ltd was registered on July 17th with a capital of 25,000 ...."

There were 7 subscribers including Harry W Mobbs who was also appointed one of the 3 Directors.

24-07-2017, 10:32 AM
Hi Helachau. yes I have that match, apparently they run something similar in Kettering every year... I also have a photo of the Kettering players which has two Mobbs brothers in it ... unfortuanetly I dont think or cannot find any one matching thosde Mobbs even though somewhere along the line my ancestors would probably be related. BUT it appears from the date the company Mobbs Miller was registered my ancestors were already in Australia. So unless I could link Astil Mobbs to that Harry Mobbs and I have all Astil's children etc etc ..no names match though. :(

24-07-2017, 10:39 AM
And the other half of the patent partnership
Lawton House, London Road Kettering Northamptonshire
Alfred Lewis 56 Widower Machinery & Lasts For Boot Trade, Employer, born Kettering
Dorothy Evelyn May Field 19 Niece Kettering
Edith Morris 20 servant Sellyoak (Birmingham)

Hi Christine. Thanks for all that info. It appears that the Mobbs Miller Company started well after my ancestors left England. I cannot link Harry Miller to any of those even though you would think in a country town the Mobbs would probably all be relatives in some form hey. It is like the town i was born in. If you go there every BAXTER in that town is related to me lol. and there are about 100 of them. But that info id very handy and I will keep searching for sons and brothers and sisters of Astil Mobbs. Astil was born in Findon. I dont know if that is close to Kettering but I think all the Mobbs would link up somewhere.
Regards Alan

24-07-2017, 2:13 PM
Hi Alan
Thanks - John George Mobbs m Elizabeth Esther Hughes and Lionel Owen was their son.
Lionel Owen m Edith May Marguerite Fawcett- my mother was one of their daughters.

I am particularly interested to locate info re Ellen Mary MAHONEY's parents. They were John Patrick MAHONEY and Ann PEACOCK. JP Mahoney arrived in SA from Launceston on the Lady Emma in 1839 - but I am still seeking info re Ann's arrival in SA & her ancestory. I wonder whether JP Mahoney was the John Mahoney who was the seaman rescued after the Hibernian burnt at sea - and was then taken to Hobart??
Thanks for any assistance - Regards, Robin

25-07-2017, 1:53 AM
Hi Robin.
Ok I have had trouble finding Ann’s parents as well. But I have some issues which don’t add up with Ann and John. According to my records, J P Mahoney arrived in Adelaide aboard the “Lady Emma” from Launceston on the 3/3/1839. He married Ann on the 3/6/1839 at Trinity in Adelaide, they had their first child Ellen Mary was born on the 3/10/1839. ?????? If John and Ann had of met the day he docked and she fell pregnant that day then the baby would still have been 7 months premy.. I cannot find an actual passenger list for the Lady Emma only that he was definitely on it. So it may be possible that Ann came out from England with him. And fell pregnant during the voyage ?? The only other Peacocks I have is 12 months earlier a John Peacock and Frances Cooper arrived in Adelaide on the “Duke of Roxburghe” on the 28/7/1838. But I cannot find an Ann as one of their children. BUT that dosent mean they didn’t have an Ann as I have searched the same website and found some children’s names missing from some of my other relatives.
You can check that out here.
Just type in the family name and Mahoney and peacock will come up.


Quite a few people with the name Peacock immigrated to Adelaide but all after 1840 according to my research.
I just hate it when I can’t find an answer lol.
Regards Alan.

25-07-2017, 2:53 AM
Thanks Alan
Seems you have reached the same point as I have.
I did find a passenger list with John Mahoney on it - but that's not necessarily John Patrick - likewise the seaman from the burning of the Hibernian.
Dates aren't always accurate. John M is listed as a seaman based in Launceston prior to 1839. I plan to go into the SA State library as the pre-1840 Holy Trinity records are there - this may give further info.
Its possible that Ann followed JP Mahoney to Adelaide - overland travel was an option from Vic - or she came on a coastal vessel not listed. I've found several wild cards: a Peacock operating local shipping around the Hawkesbury - and having an Ann Drill as a freed convict servant - maybe she took the Peacock name! I'll try to check out the library records & possibly genealogy at Unley soon. I don't have a lot of time at the moment. Hoping someone may have more info!
Thanks - Robin

25-07-2017, 7:34 AM
I wished i lived closer to Adelaide at times like this, I am hoping to take a holiday next year and visit Truro and the surrounding area's like Kapunda and Angaston. Most of my early ancestors are buried there and started in that area. I would be ever so grateful if you could keep me informed it you find anything. I never thought of the convict side even though I have already discovered four convicts in my tree from my mothers side. I haven't found any yet from Dad's side of the tree
regards Alan.

25-07-2017, 8:47 AM
Hi Alan - My apologies- the name was Ann DRAIN - not Drill. She arrived in NSW on the 'Burrell' in 1832 & was assigned to John J Peacock at Portland Head. Probably not our rele, but it does interest me as a possibility, given no other leads. I'll endeavour to get into the library soon. Regards Robin

25-07-2017, 11:37 AM
Hi again Robin. You have jogged my memory on something that I had forgotten, but in my earlier searching back when I started doing my tree I stumbled onto someone else's tree that had Mobb's on it. They had John Mahoney down but had his wife down as just Ann, with the name Peacock in brackets and an indication that the name was an alias, so you might be on the right track with the convict theory. But the dates for arrival... marriage and birth of Ellen for John Patrick Mahoney still don't add up for me yet. And you could be right the dates may be way off. Hopefully the library will offer some clues. I was also wondering do you have any photo's of Owen Mobbs or Ellen Mahoney or their immediate family, I cannot find any photo;s of them anywhere. I have photos of the three boys that were killed in the first world war, Herbert Mobbs, Albert Mobbs and William George Delmar Mobbs through the war memorial site. Such a sad loss for one family.
Regards Alan.

25-07-2017, 12:39 PM
Hi Alan
I'll need to find time to visit the library! Maybe some further info there.
Re photos: we do have a photo in the family of John George MOBBS with his wife, but no others from that generation or further back.
There are a no. of photos of all in the next generation - ie Delmar, Lionel Owen, Doreen, Mona, Dulcie (Florence) and Colin (died when a boy). Other than Delmar & Colin, my grandfather & great aunts were very much part of my early life - Ribin

26-07-2017, 7:55 AM
Hi Again.
Thats awesome about the photos, maybe we can arrange someway to swap photos even though I dont have a lot. I THINK I have one of Sarah Ellen Mobbs, mu GGG grandmother but no one in the family is sure if its her. My parents would have known but unfortunately when I was younger I didnt enquire, now they have passed its too late, I could kick myself sometimes for not asking question when they were alive.
Regards Alan.

26-07-2017, 11:24 AM
Thanks Alan