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28-01-2005, 6:24 PM
I have posted this on the Warwickshire forum and just thought I'd chance my arm with the Birmingham on too!

My Grandmother Emily (Emma) Gunn was born in the Whitefriars Workhouse in Coventry on 22 Sept 1900. She has no father's name on her birth certificate and I have no idea how old her mother is. I think I have found her mother, Ellen, on the 1901 as a 16 year old but there's no trace of Emily. Interestingly, there is a 10 month old but it's a boy named Arthur!! I know that she was adopted by her uncle Francis Gunn but she's not with them either!!

Does anyone know if the admissions register of the Workhouse is still in existence?

I am hoping that this would give me her mother's age and possible address prior to admission. The workhouse birth register shows her birth along with that of a sister Amy born in 1905 but again, she has no father stated on the birth certificate.

If anyone could help break down this particular brick wall that has had me stumped for as long as I can remember, I would be grateful.

Many thanks for your time