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sue norman
22-01-2005, 2:05 PM
One of my grandfathers way back was a William Woods born 1789 Snettisham in Norfolk he married a Sarah Jeary Peapes/Peeps in Heacham in 1819.They had 3 children Priscilla b 1829 Cornelius b1833 and Jane b1836 in Docking Jane was my gggrandmother.
I would love to go back further and find out who Williams parents were.Has anyone links with these people and what sort of places were Snettisham Heacham and Docking back then?
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22-01-2005, 9:56 PM
what sort of places were Snettisham Heacham and Docking back then?Pigot's Directory of 1830 doesn't provide much description, later directories may be more helpful. Relevant sections from Pigot's record:

"Docking, or Dry Docking, is a considerable village in the parish of teh same name in the Hundred of Smithdon; 17 miles north-east of Lynn Regis, 11 north of Fakenham and six south of Burnham Market. It was called Dry Docking from the great scarcity of water that prevailed here; this inconvenience seems to have been in some measure remedied by a charitable lady, named Henley, who about seventy years ago caused a well to be sunk, 74 yards deep, which she gave to the parishioners. The living of Docking is a vicarage and rectorage, the former in the gift of the diocesan bishop and the incumbent is the Rev.Horation Bolton; the rectorage is the property of the Rev.Humphrey John Hare, who is the present incumbent. The parish contained, by the returns for 1821, 1,107 inhabitants; but the number (as estimated by an intelligent resident) at this period (1830), amounts to about 1,500"


22-01-2005, 10:01 PM
"Heacham is a beautiful and respectable village and sea-port in the same hundred as Docking; about four miles from that village, and one from the sea. The principal trade of the place is coal; but the harbour being much out of repair, is a considerable drawback upon its prosperity in commerce. The living here is a vicarage, in the gift of the Styleman family, descendants of the celebrated Sir Roger L'Estrange of political and literary memory, the present incumbent of the benefice is the Rev.Henry North. The parish of Heacham contained, by the last parliamentary returns, 720 inhabitants."


22-01-2005, 10:10 PM
"Snettisham, a village (formerly a market-town, and called Snetham) is in the same hundred as Docking, about six miles from that town. The church is a neat edifice, and forms a picturesque feature in the cheerful scenery around the village. The living, which is a perpetual curacy, is in the presentation of the same family as that of Heacham, the present incumbent is the Rev. John Coldham. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in agricultural pursuits, and their number by the last census was 959."

The directory lists the usual range of traders, publicans and farmers for the area, Though no mention made of WOODS or PEAPES/PEPYS.

Charlbury, Oxfordshire

sue norman
23-01-2005, 8:17 PM
Thanks Geoffers you are a marvel!
These villages sound nice places to visit .A few years ago we went to Hemsby and Great Yarmouth this was before I knew of my Norfolk connections would love to return and explore the area again.
William Woods and family were in the 1851 census at Docking he was a Carpenter employing one man.
I have visited the various norfolk websites you have recommended and have looked at the transcriptions and noticed many William Woods it seems to have been a common name to get my William will be like looking for the needle in the haystack especially as I noticed the Woods family date from 1585! all around Norfolk and Suffolk.
I'll keep looking in the meantime.
Thank you