View Full Version : Schmidy Sarjimski Padole B Abt 1814 Poland

10-09-2008, 6:11 PM
I recently ordered a marriage (16 Oct 1839) certificate between my ancestors Louisa Cole and Henry Simons. On the certificate it states that Henry Simons is an alias and his real name is Schmidy Sarjimski Padole from Poland. There are no parents stated for him on the certificate. I guess he must have changed his name as all documents after this i.e. children's birth certificates state that he is Henry Simons. Using the marriage certificate I have estimated his birth at abt 1814 in Poland, but where do I start in finding any details? Poland is a rather large place with no specifics?! I would also be interested for any reasons that he would have travelled so far in the 1820's or 30's. :confused:

Thank you