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17-01-2005, 1:06 AM
greetings everyone
I am new to these boards

I am tracing the family tree of
Mark Coe b 1720 Edgefield
who married Sarah Jones 1751 Edgefield
their children are :-
Mark b 1754
Sarah b 1756
Joseph b 30 Mar 1762
Anne b 1765
John b 1767
Martha b ??

Joseph Coe married Elizabeth Chapman 25 Mar 1782 Edgefield
Elizabeth b 1762 Parents Robert & Elizabeth Chapman
their children
Mark b 1782 d 1784
Sarah b 1784
John b 16 Feb 1786

John Coe married Anne Chapman 1808 Edgefield
Anne b 05 April 1786 Parents William Chapman & Elizabeth Green
their children
Anne b 1814
Sussannah b 1817
Sarah b 1820
John & Susan ( twins ) b 1822
Harriet b 1827
Mary b 1829
Joseph b 1831

I am descended from John Coe b 1822
I have a little info re Joseph Coe b 1831

I am also interested in Edgefield history for that period
events, families, occupations etc etc

any help would be appreciated

17-01-2005, 9:05 AM
If you search NROCAT
you'll find reference to a probate inventory for a Thomas COE of Edgefield, dating from 1700-02. This may be the same chap mentioned in the Hearth Tax Assessment for Michaelmas 1664 as having paid tax on 2 hearths.

If a probate inventory exists then there should be a will as well, this will probably be available via the NRO. Norfolk wills have been indexed in two series of books, one published by the Norfolk Record Society and the other in the 'Norfolk Genealogy' Series pblished by what is now the NFHS. These published indices are available at the NRO, the Society of Genealogists (SoG) in London and the NFHS library. Copies of the will and probate inventory may give a link to the father of your Mark Coe?

The parish registers dating back to 1666 are also held by the NRO - as are the Archdeacon's Transcripts (ATs) dating back to 1600. The NRO may be able to sell copies on fiches if you find it difficult to get to Norfolk.

There are a few old photos of Edgefield on the Nrofolk Library website
click on the 'Picture Norfolk' link

There are some online maps and aerial photos available via

Charlbury, Oxfordshire

17-01-2005, 12:50 PM
Thanks Geoffers

much appreciated
looks like I got some homework to do