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Jillian Meyer
07-07-2008, 7:46 PM
I am trying to find information on my ancestor Christopher Baden. I know he was born in Germany and came to England as a sugar refiner. He married Eliza Fox in 1856 in Whitechapel and went on to have four daughters and two sons with her.

I can trace him from the marriage but nothing before then. HAs anyone got any suggestions. Thanks for your help

07-07-2008, 7:54 PM
Hello Jill,

I have moved this thread to the European forum as your query is mainly about Christopher's life before England. Surname Interests is really just for listing the names in which you are interested.

Meanwhile, you could try at this guide (http://genealogy.about.com/od/vital_records/p/germany.htm)to German Ancestry.

Good luck,