View Full Version : Help tracing C A LIGTENSTEIN, Holland??

30-05-2008, 9:48 AM
My natural Grandfather, Cornelis Abraham Ligtenstein, whom I never knew personnally was born in Sidoardjo, Dutch East Indies on 16 July 1913. He worked for Phillips Radio in the Eindhoven Tech. Laboratories for 4 years before September 1939. He was a pupil pilot when war broke out in Holland on May 10 1940. At the end of the same month he reached England through Belgium and France. In August 1941 he joined the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service as a mechanic. In 1942 he was attached to the RAF Volunteer Reserve (RAF VR) as a pupil pilot. He was transferred to Canada in the autumn of 1942 where he trained in De Winton. He received his RAF wings in April 1943 still in Canada. He then returned to England and completed further training at Ternhill, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Kinnell near Arbroath, Tealing near Dundee, Cranfield, and Bognor Regis. He was stationed in Bognor Regis when he married my Nanna.

At the beginning of January 1945 he joined a operational unit at Predennack and later Gilze Rijen in Holland. He was attached to No. 33 Squadron as a Warrant Officer, flying Spitfire XI and Tempest V. On March 26th 1945 he was shot down near Munster, Germany by FW 190 and taken to Stalag XIb. In 1947 for only a few months he was a KLM pilot. I have copies of the operation reports and a letter written to my Nanna shortly afterwards in a military hospital both detail this days' events and his injuries sustained.

My Grandmother's devorce petition was made absolute on 26 June 1954. His daughter, my mother was at the time almost 10 years old. His mother, Johanna Anna Ligtenstein (née Kentie) lived in Amsterdam until her death on 29 November 1968. His father, Leo died 22 October 1936, also in Amsterdam.
My Grandfather had a sister, Estella (born.24 March 1911 Sidoardjo, mar.I J HONDIUS died. 25 Mar 2000 Zaandam) and a brother Johan (born.29 March 1919 Amsterdam, mar.C von de HAKE 5 July 1947, died.?? ??? ????).

I know very little of my Granfathers where abouts after 1947 and my mother says that she lost contact when she was about 18 years old. How do I go about putting more meat on the bones and how would I persue what happened to him post 1947? Realistically and sadly I don't think I will ever meet this man. He will or would have been in his mid 90's.