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29-05-2008, 5:51 AM
Hello from OZ
This is my first post,so I hope to ask my question properly,which is. How do I search for my gggrandfather's christening who was born at Kings Sutton, Northants about 1812-14. I have tried the IGI but failed to locate him.He was Thomas Jennings. I hope to find who his parents were too.
I have found him in the 1851 census along with his wife and family,living in Cubbington Warks and the 1881 in thr Warks workhouse.
I should be very grateful for any guidance.
Thank you
Gordon Chatfield

Colin Moretti
29-05-2008, 8:07 AM
If there is an LDS Family History Centre within reach you can order a copy of the film of the Bishops Transcripts of the parish registers from them
(see http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/fhlcatalog/supermainframeset.asp?display=topicdetails&subject=420719&subject_disp=England%2C+Northampton%2C+Kings%2DSut ton+%2D+Church+records&columns=*,0,0). Alternatively you can probably buy fiche of the registers from Northamptonshire CRO:


29-05-2008, 8:27 AM
I had a look on igi for marriages for your Thomas to an Ann as i saw in your message you found them in 1851 census so i noted down names and did a search and came up with this..

12 OCT 1832 Cubbington, Warwick, England

Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date.

Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
M040121 1784 - 1875 0559250 Film NONE
Sheet: 00

How reliable this is im not sure, some people take igi with a pinch of salt, but it may be a lead for you that you can find Thomas fathers name on a marriage registry.
Hope its of help


29-05-2008, 11:44 AM
Here they are in 1861
Spelling mistake Kings Lutton
Source Citation: Class: RG9; Piece: 2227; Folio: 25; Page: 17.
Thomas & Ann with children Emma 11 and Christopher &

Here they are in 1841
Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece 1135; Book: 5; Civil Parish: Cubbington; County: Warwickshire; Enumeration District: 6; Folio: 5; Page: 3; Line: 24.
Thomas & Ann with children William 7, Thomas 4, James 2, Alice 2 months

Birth for Alice Jennings
June qtr 1841, Warwick, Vol no 16, Page no 505
Emma Jennings
Sept qtr 1850, Warwick, Vol no 16, Page no 595

You need to buy one of these first to find out mothers Maiden Name

PS If my Library Has King Sutton I will look up Christening for you of Thomas this afternoon

29-05-2008, 9:13 PM
Thank you so much to all of you. I am astonished by the speed of your responses. Shall follow up on all the tips.
Again thank you all.

30-05-2008, 1:31 PM
Hi Gordon
Sorry the Library didn't have King Sutton Records yesterday but if you can wait I could look in Banbury one some time next week.

30-05-2008, 9:13 PM
Hi Sandy
Thanks a lot for your message. I shall happily wait to see if Banbury comes up trumps.
Best regards

31-05-2008, 5:00 PM
Just got back from Banbury for you.....

Looked in the Christenings for King Sutton 1812 - 1837 no Thomas Jennings but found the following which could be related....

No 186. George son of George and Ann Jennings, Yeoman. b 20 March 1818 c 21 May 1818.
No 244. William son of Thomas and Frances Jennings, Laborer. b 29 Jan 1820 c 21 May 1820.
No 251. Margaret daughter of George and Ann Jennings, Farmer. c 13 Nov 1820.
No 350. Robert son of George and Sarah Jennings, Laborer. c31 Aug 1823.
No 369. Thomas son of Thomas and Frances Jennings, Laborer. c25 April 1824.
No 417. John son of George and Sarah Jennings, Lab. c 18 Dec 1825.
No 463. Edward son of Thomas and Frances, Lab. c 4 June 1827.
No 522. Ann daughter of George and Sarah, Lab. c 8 March 1829.
No 594. Thomas son of George and Sarah, Lab. c 6 Nov 1831.
No 667. William son of George and Sarah, Lab. 2 March 1834.

No 38. George Jennings to Ann Cole married in this Church by License 13 June 1817.
No 56. Thomas Jennings to Frances Slater married in this Church by Banns, 2 Nov 1819. In the presence of W. Slater and Ann Jennings.
No 97. George Jennings to Sarah Gurney married in this Church by Banns, 29 April 1823. In the presence of W. Gurney and Ann Jennings.

The only Thomas I could find was c. 15 Sept 1811 son of Elizabeth Jennings.


02-06-2008, 10:02 AM

Burials (remember not Deaths)
No 2. Richard Jennings 16 Jan 1813 age 77.
No 28. Elizabeth Jennings 1 or 7 Jan 1814 age 61.
No 44. Mary Jennings 15 Aug 1814 age 67.
No 82. Ann Jennings 24 Oct 1815 age 78.
No 358. Robert Jennings 13 May 1825 age 21 months.
No 365. Thomas Jennings 28 Jan 1826 age 25.
No 372. George Jennings, Farmer, 14 March 1826 age 55.
No 598. George Jennings 15 July 1834 age 32.


03-06-2008, 1:42 AM
Hi Sandy
Thank you for your continued list of jennings people. I have printed them and intend to use them in my future searches. You hit the jackpot with Thomas 's baptism we now know who his mother was.I now have a number of illegitimate ancestors in my various branches.Don't know whether to be happy or sad.|idea|

03-06-2008, 9:46 AM
Watch this space for more info I will see if we can connect them all up, I really enjoyed my trip to Banbury.
Now I know what they have there by way of Records and that I maybe don't have to go to Oxford Records Office to look for my own rellies I will be going again. Got to use my free over 60's Bus Pass for something haven't I now. :D

The numbers before each name are for if you want to order copies of the Registers from the Record Office.
Some of the Christening records had the birth dates in the side margins of the page others did not.

05-06-2008, 6:23 AM
Hi Sandy
Thanks for your message,look forward to hearing from you again.

18-06-2008, 4:19 PM
Just thought I wold post a quick thank you too as I am also descended from a Jennings from King Sutton - in my case its William born c1820 - probably the one on your list as son of Thomas and Frances. Though his marriage cert. gives his father as Robert, he does appear in the 1841 census as the son of Fanny (for Frances, I guess)

19-06-2008, 9:19 AM
PS SHould you come across any other K-S Jennings in your searches, I would also be interested to hear of them.

The marriages are now indexed on www.freereg.org.uk , but no baptisms yet.

20-06-2008, 2:01 PM
Sorry its been so long but I had a fall off the step coming out of the Bank the other week badly bruised and twisted my ankle and I hadn't had any |5cups||5cups| sad to say.....

Was able to go back to the Library yesterday but I didn't have much luck I'm afraid to say, most of the film is unreadable at the beginning 1600 time. I will give you all I found

Thomas son of Thomas and Dorothy 23 Nov 1657
George son of Robert and Ann 17 July 1666
Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Ann 26 April 1669
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth 23 Aug 1674
Mary daughter of Robert and Mary 11 Oct 1674
Mary daughter of John and Ravlmyr (not sure of this as realy bad)14 Feb 1674
Ann daughter of Robert and Mary 29 July 1677
Robert son of George and Jane 23 April 1678
Robert son of John and Raignyr (see above) 9 May 1680

Not able to read 1797 - 1812

Found these marriages both on the IGI and Parish Records

Sarah Jennings b 1783 married William Paine b 1799 on the 5 June 1804
Elizabeth Jennings b1741 married Edward Kerby b 1737 on the 21 Oct 1762
Thomas Jennings married Anne Green on the 11 Feb 1765
(Found Banns for Thomas and Anne Green for 28 Oct, 4 Nov and 11 Nov 1764)
Robertus Jennings married Maria Langham on the 30 Oct 1630

Found these just in the Parish Records
Robert Jennings and Elizabeth Boneham on the 25 April 1795
Catherine Jennings married George Turvey on the 20 Nov 1809
Elizabeth Jennings married James Mathews on the 6 Nov 1838
Ann Jennings married John Cople a Widower on the 24 April 1838
William Jennings married Sarah Gurney on the 15 July 1844

all Kingsutton


23-06-2008, 12:39 AM
Hi Sandy
Sorry to hear about your fall, and trust you are recovering well. Thanks also for the new info.These Jennings are very numerous, and even more so around Birmingham, talk about needles and haystacks!!