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Roy Faulkes
17-05-2008, 8:42 PM
My grandmother's maiden name was Mary Elizabeth VON BARGEN she was born in Stratford in 1881 . Her Father was John Henry VON BARGEN born in Whitechapel in 1858 . Her Mother Anne Elizabeth KNAUSS was born in Wandsworth in 1859. They were married in West Ham in 1880.
John Henry's father , Johann VON BARGEN was a Sugar Baker by trade and was born in Germany in 1830. Does anybody know how one could find out where in Germany he might be from . He must have arrived in Britain between 1830 and 1858 and it seemed that a lot of German Immigrants to Britain worked in the Sugar Industry and all seemed to live in the same street district in the Whitechapel area , according to some Census records I have seen.
The origin in Germany intrigues me as the VON was dropped from the name during the late 1800's , it isn't a title and literally means "from " . Logic then says one would look for a place called BARGEN ? which there is , on the Swiss border.
Any ideas where I go from there.
Any suggestions appreciated.
Thank you ,

18-05-2008, 12:28 AM
Hi Roy,

the trouble with surnames derived from place names, is the surname began to be used many centuries ago. So, quite possibly one or several of your ancestors, did originally come from Bargen, but sadly its not really going to help you get back another generation to your Johan b 1830.

Have you found him in every census? He may give 'Germany' in some, and more detail in another. I would also check out the other German immigrants you mentioned that live nearby, some may be related, or may have come from the same area.
Did he marry in England? Leave a will? A gravestone? I would check out every single bit of paperwork you can find that mentions his name.

Good luck!

regards birdlip

Roy Faulkes
18-05-2008, 5:03 PM
Hi birdlip ,
Thanks for the info & suggestions. I have made contact with somebody who is from the same family , a sister of Johann and we have the same problem. I will however see what I can get from other sources you mention . The input I have is from a Census .
Thanks Again

Nick Wright
06-03-2009, 4:52 PM
Hi Roy Stumbled upon you here. Well my grandmother was Susan Georgina Bargen born 1888 in Walthamstow. She's mentioned as "Susie" sometimes. She was one of Mary's younger sisters.I dont know, does that make us "Great-cousins"? Anyhow I'd like to get in touch, got a few questions you may have the answer too but also it's good to find a relative. At present I am working in Taiwan away from the UK. Can you drop me an email? Tks. best wishes Nick