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Steve Steere
22-12-2004, 3:16 PM

Is there anyone with access to the parish register for Andrews Church, Newcastle upon Tyne can look up a marriage for me. I understand they are deposited at the Morpeth Record Centre, nowhere near Kent!

Thomas MANNERS and Sarah DAVIS married in the parish church of St Andrew on 7 March 1897.

I have the GRO marriage certificate but believe Sarah's real name is Sarah Elizabeth DURBIN, so hopefully the register may have something that the GRO record does not. At the time Sarah was 6 months pregnant, gives her father as deceased and also the same address as her future spouse (59 Prudhoe St, Newcastle). It is the sort of marriage that gets commented on!

I have checked GRO deaths and there is no death for a Sarah MANNERS, no other Thomas & Sarah MANNERS in the 1901, and no other GRO marriages.

Their first child in 1897 has the mother's maiden name as Davis, but from 1902 onwards all have Durbin. Both Sarah's have always made their mark.

The children's names all fit family lore so I am convinced we are looking at the same person.

If anyone can think of anything else I've missed please advise, I think the church register is my only hope.

I will of course attempt to do a reciprocal look up locally or from references I hold.



05-02-2005, 7:42 PM
St Andrews, Newcastle records would be in the Newcastle records office not the Northumberland one at Morpeth.

Many Newcastle records are on line.

These people are listed on the page St Andrews 1897 page containing Thomas Manners,

HOUFE Richard Norman

The GRO records are unlikely to contain different information than the local records

The 1891 Census has the following family in St Nicholas Parish which is Central Newcastle
William Davis 57, Wife Mary Ann 38, Isabella: daughter 19, James: Son 16, Sarah Daughter 14, Amey Daughter 11

It also lists a Durbin family, (but no Sarah) living in Long Benton, 5 Miles from Central Newcastle as well as a Manners family in Morpeth, about 12 miles away

Steve Steere
06-02-2005, 12:38 AM
Hi Geordie2,
Many thanks for the correct info on where the records are kept, appreciated.
We are now 99.9% certain that Davis was an alias used by Sarah to hide her real name, especially as you have found a Durbin family nearby.

Perhaps she had left home to go in service, got pregnant, married, then when enough time had passed told her family she had got married before she really did to cover the pregnancy.

The local register office will as you say be the same as GRO, but the church parish register might be likely to have a note made in it, as the incumbents often did on matters like this. These comments will not be seen anywhere else but in the register.

Appreciate the 1891 info, thanks.