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28-03-2008, 4:57 PM
Does anyone know what is included on a german marriage certificate? Would i be able to find the bride and groom's parents names?

28-03-2008, 10:22 PM
I expect that it depends upon the time frame in which you are looking.

I had a rootle round the web and found this:


It's what was recorded on a German marriage certificate in 1812 - there's an English translation at the bottom of the page and a link to the original at the top.

Far more informative than Engish ones! :D

29-03-2008, 1:24 AM
I have a marriage record from 1838 - this is an English translation done by my cousin - I have removed the names as this is not my own direct ancestor.

Wedding Book 1838 Altenau ...
On 21st.June is the local (from here) Glazier and Master Carpenter ERNST ...., the legitimate son of Master Carpenter JOHANN ... and his wife JOHANNE ... from St. Andreasberg with JOHANNE..., the legitimate daughter the local (from here) Master Nail maker, Iron Stone und citizens GEORG ... and his Wife JOHANNE ..., born (nee) BEHRENS all here trusted.

Seems Johanne was popular name. :)