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17-12-2004, 7:28 PM
with the permission of Dr R. Davies

Nigel Callaghan has just updated our website which now has 21,333 entries.

>From the Awards registers (BT261/1) at Kew :

[Capt J.G. Thestrup of the US bigantine "Antilles" was awarded a telescope for the following rescue. On 16 Sept 1872 he received on board at Lat 29,30N, Long 63,8W the Master and crew of the sinking barque "Artistic" of Newport, MON and landed to Trinidad, (BT261)].

[Capt Peter Demyttenaere of the Belgian steamer "Stad Ostende" was awarded a binocular glass for the rescue on 2 March 1874 in the Bay of Biscay of the Master and crew (8) of the brig "Jones Brothers" of Newport, MON which was totally disabled on a voyage from Newport to Smyrna, (BT261/1)].

Reg Davies

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