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David Annis
27-01-2008, 5:13 PM
It seems to have gone a bit quiet in here so I thought I would kick start a few questions to get you to wax lyrical and voice your vast knowledge on a few subjects.
Rural Worcestershire from 1820 to 1880. The main employer for the town,village and hamlet comes from farms and market gardeners. Within these would be a series of jobs with a pecking order of skills = wages. A forman or baliff I would have thought was top bannana working down to the child workers. Have you any idea of the specific jobs there would have been working on the land and their pay rates. I would have thought living in tied cottages also played a part in what you did and how much you where paid.
Railways. Thanks to Jeeb he told me that Pershore railway station opened in 1850 and thinking about this I have come to the conclusion that the local population would start to change. People moving away and new people moving into the area. Farmers, growers and any other local industries now have a new way of distibuting their goods and wares. Meat and veg would arrive in Birmingham and London much quicker and fresher. In time new industries would have moved in and attracted the land workers off the land. Thanks to Jeebs prompting, the railway may well have opened up the opportunity for those wishing to emigrate to the New World making travelling to the English ports much easier.
Finally, I'm finding it much easier to dig up information of, who,what and where, in 1800 than I am in 1900 and that the male of the species is easier to trace than the female of the species. Changing there maiden names to that of their spouses (All those Ann's, Marys and Janes).
The End.
Cheers Dave

27-01-2008, 11:52 PM
I posted a thread on the NE Norfolk forum a while ago, it includes a few extracts from a parish register which may be of interest in relation to this topic. The thread is here (http://www.british-genealogy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7520)

27-01-2008, 11:56 PM
This thread (http://www.british-genealogy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21391) may also be of interest - again specific to Norfolk, bt the information can be applied elsewhere.