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30-12-2007, 3:53 PM
Hi all
I really need help to find William Povah, his wife Elsie J, daughter's Elsie born 1883 and Emma Jane born 1885 both in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

I found this family on the family search site, I think he could be my missing Great Great Uncle William who was born about 1837 in Liverpool, England.
I can not find him on any English census after 1851, so I hoped this could be him as William had an older half brother Robert, who moved to Boston, from Liverpool, about 1848.

I have found Robert and all his family, but no William, Elsie, or Emma Jane Povah, So if any one can help I would really appreciate it, I I keep hitting brick walls with William, there is a William Povah comes up on the Scotish census but this is not him, he is from another part of the family.
I would be gratefull for any information
Regards Sue

30-12-2007, 6:27 PM
Hi Sue

This looks like them.... only thing is that the enumerator has written birth date as 1858 although to be fair it could be 1838, hopefully I will be able to add a cropped image so that you can see what you think...

1900 census, 36 Thomas Park, Boston Ward 15, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Head, Wm Pover, age 47, born April 1858?, age 47?, born England, parents born England, immigration year 1882, Naturalized, occupation Stone mason
Wife, Elsie, born May 1857, age 43, born scotland, parents born scotland, occupation Housekeeper

Married for 30 years, 6 children 3 living.

Daughter, Emma J, born October 1884, age 15, born Mass
Daughter, Elsie, born July 1886, age 13, born Mass
Daughter, Ellen M, born December 1888, age 11, born Mass

Best wishes


No sorry....cannot add an image

30-12-2007, 6:41 PM
Hi Sue

Found the family in 1910 and definitely shows year born as 1858 for William...so probably not your William.

Sorry not better news and I cannot seem to turn up a William with borth date 1838/9 but will continue to look

Hope this helps


30-12-2007, 6:58 PM
Hi again Sue

Can be absolutely definite as found this William and Elsie in 1881 England census and William was born Silverdale, Staffordshire!

Best wishes


30-12-2007, 7:26 PM
Hi Sue,
From Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910:

Emma Jane, b. 17-Oct-1885. Born at 9 Howe Avenue, Boston. Father, William, is a stone cutter, born in England. Mother, Elsie J, was born in Scotland.

Daughter, Elsie was born 11-July-1883, at 191 West Fourth Street, Boston.

Daughter, Helen or Ellen, was born ??-Dec-1888; couldn't find the birth record for her, but she appears in the 1900 census with the rest of the family.

According to the 1900 and 1910 census, William and Elsie arrived in 1882.

There is a William Povah in the 1871 Scotland Census with the right estimated year of birth. Since he married a Scot, perhaps this is your William in Midlothian? I don't have access to those records.

I found the family in the 1900 census; all alive and well. William is a stone mason, Elsie keeps house, and the girls are all in school.

According to the 1910 census, William & Elsie J had 6 children, 3 living. The 2 youngest girls were still at home, both working as office clerks. William is still working as a stone mason.

I did not find William and Elsie J in the 1920 census (but I just skimmed over it). I may have found their daughter Elsie, married to a man named Charles Prouty.

That's all I can find for now.



31-12-2007, 2:03 PM
Hi Yvonne and Deb
Thanks so much for all this info, (you did a lot better than me ) I really appreciate it.
I now know that William in Boston, is not who I am looking for, but I will try and find his father and mother in Staffordshire, as it will be yet another piece to the jigsaw, as I am sure he will fit some where.
In the mean time I will keep looking for my William born 1837 Liverpool.
Thanks again for all your time and help, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year
Kind regards Sue