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30-12-2007, 4:36 AM
Any info appreciated with respect to Eeles family of Taston, Charlbury, Oxfordshire. Grandfather Frank, Grandmother Flora Shayler (Leafield), their sons (John my father) and daughter.

30-12-2007, 1:32 PM
Do you have any dates for any of these? Are you stuck on finding out something in partciular?

Let me know if you'd like photos taking of specific places.
There are some old photos on the Charlbury web-site (http://www.charlbury.info/cgi-bin/dindex.cgi)

Charlbury cemetery contains the following headstones:

John EELES, d14 Jul 1935 aged 83 and his wife
Edith EELES, d23 Mar 1950 aged 83

Flora EELES, d27 Dec 1960 aged 69
Frank EELES, d11 Jan 1964 aged 67

Albert John EELES, d26 Aug 1915 aged 23 - died of wounds in the Dardanelles.

Doreen Mary SHAYLER, d13 Nov 1984 aged 70
Ernest SHAYLER, d4 Oct 1987 aged 82

Frank SHAYLER, d14 Jun 1954 aged 40
Annie Nellie SHAYLER, d19 May 1994 aged 87

Rosemary Elizabeth SHAYLER, d30 Jan 1932 (bn 2 May 1918)
Sarah Jane SHAYLER, d24 Jun 1980 aged 93
Charles Henry SHAYLER, d16 Apr 1936

Ernest E SHAYLER, d26 Jul 1938 (bn 16 Jan 1881)
Edith E E SHAYLER, d8 Jul 1952 (bn 16 May 1890)

Ada SHAYLER, d10 Oct 1989 aged 69 and her husband
Harold SHAYLER, d26 Jul 2004 aged 84

Caroline SHAYLER, d12 Dec 1946

Kate SHAYLER, d18 Nov 1977 aged 9 dy

I've indexed the whole cemetery and the letter and numbers above each entry locate where the graves are in the cemetery at the top of Pound Hill in Charlbury. L=left of the path, R=right of the path. The graves are arranged in rows, the first number is the row in from the main entrance, after the oblique stroke, the second number is how many graves it is from the path. So L23/4 is a grave on the left of the path, 23 rows into the cemetery and the fourth grave in from the path........well, it makes sense to me.

05-01-2008, 6:03 PM
Geoffers has helped me enormously with information about relatives in Charlbury and elsewhere and Janiegirl has information on our Eeles family which she can pass on to you.
The Leafield website - http://www.leafieldvillage.co.uk/leafield_families.htm - has heaps of information about Leafield - it even includes how many Eeles lived there in 1851.
Hope you find it of interest.:)