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24-11-2007, 3:38 PM
Hi everybody,

My name is Sue, and I'm looking for my grandfathers family. My mother name was Lillian Louisa Pickett, born in 1925. She was born in South Wales, in Cariff, Glamorgan, Wales. She had 8 siblings, and immigated to the US in 1946 when she married my father in 1945 where he was stationed in England.
Anyway my grandfather name was David Edward Pickett. He was on of 9 children. I don't know when he was born, but on the census index the only David E. Pickett was born in 1889. I do not know if this is the right Pickett because it does not list his children. However it does list that he married in 1909 to Mary Francis who is my grandmother. If this is the right David Pickett then his father was Fredrick Pickett born in 1844. The reason that I'm questioning it is because it would make my father 38 yrs old when he had my mother, and she was fourth in line. There were still 4 more kids to go.

Does anyone know how i can find out if this is the right David Edward Pickett without having to subsribe to everything?

24-11-2007, 6:43 PM
from the 1901 census:
living Civil Parish: Swansea
Ecclesiastical parish: Kilvey
Town: Swansea
County/Island: Glamorgan
Country: Wales
RG13; Piece: 5080; Folio: 88; Page: 7
David E Pickett 12
Frederick Pickett 65
George J Pickett 9
Lizzie A Pickett 52
Mary L Pickett 18
Nellie B Pickett 10
William J Pickett 20
all children born Pentrechwyth, Glamorgan, Wales
Father born Foxholes, Glamorgan Mother born Branton, Devon

The marriage cert will give you the fathers' names

25-11-2007, 3:51 AM
Thanks Annie but now i need to know David E. Pickett children names. Can u find out anything for me. The info u gave me , I already have, how do i get the marriage certificate?

25-11-2007, 4:23 AM

You can search for free for UK BMD references here:


It records:

Marriages Jun Quarter 1909

FRANCIS Mary Pontardawe 11a 1652
PICKETT David Edward Pontardawe 11a 1652

Armed with this information you can go here and purchase the certificate for 7 pound:


25-11-2007, 4:27 AM
These look like David's children.

There may be more. The indexing on Free BMD is an ongoing project.

The months shown are not exact. The UK system registers events in quarters. So, for example, Mary Pickett may have been born/registered July to September 1911

Births Sep 1911

Pickett Mary P Mother Francis Pontardawe 11a 2257

Births Dec 1913
Pickett Elsie Mother Francis Pontardawe 11a 2149

Births Jun 1917
Pickett Edward G Mother Francis Pontardawe 11a 1619

27-11-2007, 9:31 AM
Have done a manual search of the BMD indexes for you.

I could not find anything 1918 until 1924 (I may have missed something or they may have moved to Scotland or Ireland etc?) when there is this:

Births Sept 1924

Pickett Wilfred C Mother Francis Pontardawe 11a 1909

Births December 1925

Pickett Lilian L Mother Francis Pontardawe 11a 1702

I continued the search up to and including the December Quarter 1929 without finding any others.

27-11-2007, 6:50 PM
Elsie was born in 1913. Edward was born in 1917.

See post number 6 in this thread.