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02-08-2006, 11:46 PM
sorry about the unfinished post I think I pressed send by mistake, I am looking for news of my great grandfathers sister and husband, they were salvation army members and moved sunshine victoria australia at some point in the early part of the last century, I have some pictures of them and their house, the address was 86 devonshire road, langham, sunshine, victoria. I think their names were george harry mitchell and elizabeth mitchell nee renwick their children were annie philip and tom, the only other option for names is thomas fletcher

18-08-2006, 4:13 AM
Do you know their ages and their parent's names? This will make them easier to find in the indexes.

19-08-2006, 2:34 AM
Hi Christine,
The story is that my g grandfather Henry Renwick had three sisters all three sisters and their husbands were members of the salvation army at bradford manchester were they were raised.
their father Matthew Renwick dob 8th july 1848 died 1911
mother Martha nee ferguson dob 18 may 1847 died 29 06 1891

the sisters
Elizabeth Renwick 21 08 1874
married george harry mitchell born 1872 Barrow england
25 04 1897 christ church bradford manchester england
georges parents were henry and I think ruth Mitchell

another sister Eliza renwick fisher stayed in the uk

The other sister Annie renwick dob 15 07 1876
married Thomas Fletcher born 1878 belper derbyshire england
the 1901 census shows them with one son thomas V
Annie Died in manchester england june 1917.

I have a small collection of photos with notes written
on the back that someone called tom sent to g grandad henry in manchester from 86 devonshire road , Laugham(not sure spelling is correct) sunshine w20 victoria australia. I am told by older members of the family that they were sent by henrys sisters family after they emigrated to Australia.

the names mentioned in the letters are
tom, phillip, emily, flo, may, harry,
and Annie although this cannot be Annie Renwick Fletcher as she died and is buried in england. The annoying thing is that no surname is mentioned.

When I wrote the thread I thought that the family would be the mitchells, but after consideration of the Christian names I wonder if thomas Fletcher remarried after Annies death and took his new wife and his children to victoria.

I emailed the salvation army in Sunshine with the story and 2 of the pictures but didnt receive any reply. perhaps they didnt receive it.

I would love to know what happened to them and let their decendents have copys of the pictures although I know this is a long shot


regards margaret

01-09-2006, 9:22 AM
Hi Margaret,

You should try the Salvation Army Archive in Melbourne

They are very helpful.

Good luck,

Lenore Frost
Essendon, Vic