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27-10-2007, 9:31 PM
I am interested in the parents of Margaret LECKIE who married Arthur BRYANT on 03/08/1880 in Glasgow.

Could someone have a look at their marriage and tell me what her parents names were please.



27-10-2007, 10:46 PM
I am interested in the parents of Margaret LECKIE who married Arthur BRYANT on 03/08/1880 in Glasgow.

Could someone have a look at their marriage and tell me what her parents names were please.



I'm afraid I can't help with a marriage lookup but here's a good prospect in the 1871 census:

Census: 1871: Parish: Glasgow St. James; ED 49; Line 12
Address: 1 Little Dovehill
-- Agnes Leckie 30 Head Mill Worker born Ireland
-- Margaret Leckie 9 Daughter born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- Mary Leckie 7 Daughter born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- William Leckie 4 Son born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- Maryann Benison 33 Sister Miller Worker born Ireland
-- Elizabeth Benison 16 Niece Miller Worker born Ireland

By 1881, Agnes Leckie, 40, only has her son William, 14, living with her at 4 Gibson Street. [Ref: Parish: Glasgow St. James; ED 21; Line 1; Year 1881]


27-10-2007, 10:53 PM
Thanks, yet again Trish |hug|

A great grandson of Margaret has been in touch and I am trying to figure out if we are related. My Margaret was born in the same year as his but does not have a mother called Agnes (Her parents are Archibald LECKIE and Margaret MILLER) but Dovehill certainly fits with his Margaret.


27-10-2007, 11:09 PM
Strange... I didn't see them listed the first time around...

Census: 1871: Parish Govan; ED 5; Line 23
Address: Muirhouses, Govan, Lanarkshire
-- Archibald Leckie 44 Head Engine Keeper born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Margaret Leckie 42 Wife born Barony Lanarkshire
-- William Leckie 23 Son Brass Finisher born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Hellen Leckie 18 Daughter Dairy Maid born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Archibald Leckie 15 Son Labourer born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Gavon Leckie 12 Son Scholr born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Margaret Leckie 9 Daughter Scholar born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Elizabeth Leckie 7 Daughter Scholar born Govan Lanarkshire
-- Jane Leckie 2 mo Daughter born Govan Lanarkshire

Unfortunately, apart from Margaret and William, there don't seem to be any other common given names -- i.e., no sign of a traditional naming pattern here to tie them to your Bryant family.

So we have 2 Margaret Leckies, both born about 1862/3. The two families don't seem to be connected as one originates in Ireland and the other in Lanark. I guess the plot just thickens...


27-10-2007, 11:19 PM
Oh-oh, in 1881, Margaret Leckie, daughter of Archibald and Margaret, is still living at home with her family. [By 1881, your Margaret was married to Arthur Bryant.]

Census: 1881: Parish Glasgow Hutchesontown; ED 111 Line 17
Address: Hamilton Street, Glasgow Hutchesontown, Lanarkshire
-- Margaret Leckie 55 Head Dairy Keeper born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- Gavin Leckie 23 Son Carter born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- Margaret Leckie 18 Daughter Tailors Machinist born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- Elizabeth Leckie 17 Daughter Dairy Keepers Daughter born Glasgow Lanarkshire
-- Jane Leckie 10 Daughter Scholar born Glasgow Lanarkshire


27-10-2007, 11:31 PM
Aha! I just came across something much more definitive for you:

Census: 1891: Parish Glasgow Bridgeton; ED 82 Line 11
Address: 229 Nuneaton St, Glasgow Bridgeton, Lanarkshire
-- Agnes Leckie 47 Head born Ireland
-- William Leckie 24 Foundry Labourer W born Glasgow, Lanarkshire
-- Arthur Bryant 8 Grandson Scholar born Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Did your Margaret and Arthur have a son named Arthur? I seem him as an 18-year-old with his parents in the 1901 census... So it's a good bet that Agnes Leckie was, indeed, Margaret's mother. Looks like you have an Irish connection!


27-10-2007, 11:49 PM
Have you seen this IGI entry?

Margaret Leckie
Birth:13 Feb 1862 High Church, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Father: William Leckie
Mother: Agnes Armstrong
Batch No. C119181

Also, with same parents:

William Leckie
Birth: 24 Jul 1866 High Church

Mary Leckie
Birth: 11 Feb 1864 High Church

John Leckie
Birth: 15 Oct 1868 High Church

And, lastly, a marriage record for William and Agnes:

William Leckie
Agnes Armstrong
12 Jul 1861, Calton, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Batch No. M119211

[Odd, Armstrong doesn't particularly seem like an Irish name to me...]

Anyway, I hope this all helps.


28-10-2007, 11:05 AM
Thanks again Trish.

From what you have passed on we can say that his Margaret and mine are two different people.

I have passed your info on to him as I am sure he will find it of use when researching his family history.


28-10-2007, 1:46 PM

It occurred to me that if Agnes Armstrong and William Leckie married in July 1861, then a still single Agnes might appear on the 1861 census, taken on the night of April 7/8.

I did a search and found the following entry which could be for Agnes -- note the address -- just down the street from where Agnes Leckie was living by 1871:

Census: 1861: Parish Glasgow St. James; ED 63 Line 12
Address: 30 Little Dovehill St., High Church, Glasgow St. James, Lanarkshire
-- Margaret Armstrong 24 Head Cotton Winder born Ireland
-- Agnes Armstrong 31 Sister Cotton Winder born Ireland
-- Martha Thomson 18 Lodger Cotton Winder born Ireland

This Agnes is listed as 31 which could be a transcription error. Usually, the head of the household, in a family where no parents are listed, is the eldest sibling. So it's conceivable that Agnes is really younger than Margaret and 21, not 31. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the actual image.