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Paul Bradshaw
27-11-2004, 11:43 AM
This is like standing on a railway station wondering where to go next ,you know that lost feeling .But hello anyway Paul ,if some kind soul would just point me in the right direction you would make a friend for life,question how can I find if some one else is doing the same search as me

27-11-2004, 6:35 PM
Hi Paul,
As you can see we are all dead keen to help get you started in your addi... new hobby :) so here's a few tips that I give to beginners when asked for help.
1. Make your subject line interesting. Use the surname in the title of your message plus a date if you have one. If you ever have research in Wales you will realise the importance of names - JONES south wales will make me run away but Dennis JONES Bedwellty, 1865. Tells me that it is in my area and is therefors of interest.
2. It is so much easier for people to see the surname if you type it in Capital letters. Once again I cite welsh research because it can get confusing to others when there is Lewis morgan, and morgan lewis how can we know which is the surname?
3. Write down everything you know about your immediate family, including birthdays and anniversaries and then go to the oldest family member and fill in the gaps. Make special note of EVERYTHING they say, including the myths and legends. Forget nothing and disbelieve everything until proved.

The most important thing is to decide now that if you don't want to find a scandal or illegitimacy or lying and cheating then stop now. You will find that the straight-laced ancestor that was always so disapproving had secret past and if you don't want to know anything bad about your ancesotrs then don't look.
Most of all have fun, stay poor like the rest of us cos you'll just have to buy the certificates and the wills and....
best of all Welcome to Family History Research the friendliest hobby in the world.
Ann Macey