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Lillian Davies
05-10-2007, 11:20 AM
Lionel BILLIN born Unley SA to Sidney Moyle BILLIN and Caroline (nee JEWELL) - married Melbourne 3.12.1908 (name unknown) - married Toowoomba Qld 29.3.1911 under the name James Lionel DAVIES (widowed) - have been unable to identify marriage in Melbourne.

06-10-2007, 4:18 AM
Hi Lillian

I have been able to find births for everyone using the name Lionel who married in 1908 in Victoria, so it appears that he did not use his forename at all. Most of them also were still having children after 1911.

How did you get this date? curious :)


Lillian Davies
06-10-2007, 11:02 AM
This date is on his son's birth certificate. What relevance it had here is confusing too. Thank you for searching. Have you any idea of the numbering for registering in Victoria? If I had this I may be able to isolate the weddings of the latter part of the year. Were Melbourne weddings in a sperate section to country weddings for instance?

06-10-2007, 1:05 PM
There are also no marriages at all for a James DAVIES in 1908 in Victoria - all are included in the one index, and places are not given.

In Victoria in 1908 there were 24,357 entries. They cannot be isolated into months. One assumes the greater the number the later in the year it is.

I think what you have is a little white lie about a marriage taking place in Melbourne that did not - to make it appear that the couple were married longer than they had been. Any marriage date quoted on a birth certificate is the marriage between the parents of the child, not any other. If there were children from before the marriage, then they will backdate the marriage to include that child. I had one lady do this on her kids certificates over a 20 year period - and I know that they married when expecting the second child.

Christine. :)