View Full Version : National Archives Medal Cards - BE AWARE

24-09-2007, 10:07 AM
Yesterday I looked for medal cards for two of my husband's ancestors, paid for each entry & downloaded the images straight from the website. Normally I would pay & then wait until an email comes through to me which says I have 56 days to download the image through a link given on the email.

Just as well I downloaded straight from the site as the emails, when opened were completely blank - not even my name or the address it came from or a subject line.

I phoned the National Archives this morning to let them know what had happened & a very bored sounding person (well it is Monday morning) said that "it sometimes happens" but didn't seem at all worried that some researchers might have paid for a medal card that they could not see.

If you are going to download from the email they send then make sure you make a note of the Order Number before you leave the page as you will need it if you get in touch with them.