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20-09-2007, 10:22 PM
Pt.J Smith 223122L & Esther

---I know I have posted this on general forum but I wondered if anyone on this thread might be able to say where else I might look or could hazard a guess as to regiment the no might refer to please-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

found this letter some time ago in a book, and have just found it again moving things to decorate...........................

It is a letter written I dont know when by a lady named Esther

it says Darling John

I miss you dreadfully I hope all is well
Please come home soon
the dogs miss you and the cat misses you and al the old gang miss you and I miss you and I cry every night
I think of you & him & I hope you think of me also, Perhaps we can make a pact & think of each other at the sametime everynight, say at ten every evening.
I will always treasure the ring you gave me & long for the day when we will be together again
all love as always Esther

It was inside an envelope with Pt,J Smith 223122l on it but the writing on the envelpe doesnt look exactly the same................I would love to return it to the writer or the John mentioned so if any names seem similar or if anyone can find a record of Pt John Smith an unusual name!!!!!!!!, I have looked at medal lists on TNA and the wargraves site but no one with this number...........