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26-08-2007, 8:02 PM
Hi, Folks
This is my first attempt at lookin up my family history an building a tree
upto know your forum has been a big help thx for all the gr8 info on these pages,

Currently im lookin into a lady from the town of Llanberis in the 1950's-60's
i know this is kind of early but this is a trace of kind of lost family members aswell as it turns out there were letters discoved and well it relates to this woman in Llanberis.Her name is M.E. Evans she was 22 in 1960 an lived on the high street in Llanberis,so i figure she was born in 1937-38,I have no month of birth but im lookin into this right now to see if any other family members or records know of the exact dates.I dont know if she was born there but her name im told is a strong welsh name,Her mum was a widow an a housewife,her stepfather was a building contractor and she had 3 brothers step/half or biological i'm not sure but 1 was an engineer,1 worked in the quarry which im lookin into,of the time it appears dinorwic was the closest working 1 an had barracks for workers to stay if anyone knows were i could get any records of workers from here for i would appreciate that an her yougest brother was in school,there was also a baby in the house hold only 1 yr old,the baby's birth date is recorded as the 5th of may 1959 (05.05.59) an the name possible Tania lorrain or lousie.
Margaret worked in a cotton mill as a cotton winder it says but i cant find any records of a cotton mill there in the late 50's -60's.
Anybody know is there was a cotton mill working in that area around then or maybe a woolen mill?
Any help on where to go with this i would be glad of as there is no census released for then or electoral registers that i can find for around these dates

thx for takin the time to read this i know its a bit of strech but i remain hopeful somethin will turn up


21-10-2008, 12:17 AM
Try posting your question on the BBC website.....