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21-08-2007, 11:06 AM
I have (with as much checking as possible) found my gggg grandfather John Jeffery getting married in 1787. Sometime between his last son John being born in 1799 and my ggg gf Henry getting married in 1814 the surname has transmogrified from Jeffery(s) to Jefferies.

I am just mentioning this as since January I have had his name but didnt realise it! When his grandaughter died in 1900 John Jeffery was put down as her father on the death certificate. A correction had been put in the margin, changing the name and the spelling quoting a neighbour and niece as the source.

I had dismissed this at the time as simply an error but when I was checking different spellings of Jefferies there were 4 matches of births, marriages and deaths, and then made contact with someone else researching Jefferies who had also made the same connections (although not her family)

As far as brick walls go, 8 months may not be long but its another lesson in, not giving up and always, always, go back and check your notes again with a fresh pair of eyes!

This has been a constant message on this forum from various people in various situations and its always true.......like trying to solve a tricky crossword or fixing something on the car.

A Lee
21-08-2007, 11:10 AM
I'm glad you knocked down your|banghead|

I only hope some of mine will one day resolve themselves!

Thanks for the advice, it gives everyone hope:)