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17-08-2007, 10:51 AM
I have a James Seabrook Bone b.1809 in Greenfield but haven't been able to find out who his parents were. I suspect his mother's maiden name was Seabrook but I have no proof. Can anyone help?

17-09-2007, 5:02 AM
Hi Angela,

not sure how much of this you may already have;

IGI Family Search; James Seabrook Bone m Sarah Evans 13 April 1830 Flitton with Silsoe, Bedford

IGI Batch Numbers, Flitton with Silsoe Baptisms P003701 (1581-1812);

Thomas Seabrook Bone b 28 May 1808, ch 10 Jul 1808, parents William Bone and Sarah
Elizabeth Bone b 16 May 1810, ch 01 Jul 1810, parents ditto
John Bone b 16 May 1810, ch ditto, parents ditto

Given that Thomas's middle name is also Seabrook, I'd say these would almost certainly be James's siblings, so Wm and Sarah are odds on favourites to be his parents. Pity theres no surname given for the mother. These seemed to be the only Bone children listed in this parish though, no sign of your James.

regards birdlip

17-09-2007, 6:44 AM
Hello again,

I checked the 1813-1875 baptisms for Flitton as well, and while there were only three Bone chn baptised 1581-1812, parents all Wm and Sarah; from 1818- 76 there were 29, perhaps all descended from William and Sarah.

There is no marriage for William Bone and Sarah in the Flitton records, or at Flitwick nearby. So, they married elsewhere and came to have (possibly the last) three of their children at Flitton, and stayed. I did a parent search on IGI, and there are a few other possible siblings;

William Bone ch 25 Sep 1796 Shillington Bedford, parents William Bone and Sarah
Mary Bone ch 5 Jul 1801 Haynes Bedford, parents ditto
Thomas Bone ch 18 Oct 1803 Haynes Bedford, parents ditto
James Bone ch 16 Mar 1806 Haynes Bedford, parents ditto

No way of telling at this stage if this couple is the same Wm and Sarah Bone, but Haynes and Shillington form a triangle with Flitwick, each about 5 miles apart. Is it possible James ch 1806 at Haynes, is the James you're after? I know the date is a couple of years out, but thats probably not significant in the grand scheme of things. If it IS the same family, he would have been maybe a 2 yr old when they moved to Flitton, and he grew up and married there. He may not even have known he'd been christened a couple of parishes away. What do you think?

Sadly no marriage for William Bone and Sarah at Shillington or Haynes! Not in Boyds either.

Regards birdlip

p.s. sorry, I meant Pallots, not Boyds.

22-09-2007, 5:06 PM
Hello again,
I've only just seen this. I was given a bit more info. by someone researching the Faldo family. In case you're interested; Thomas Faldo married Elizabeth Seabrook in Flitton, 1773 and their daughter Sarah Faldo married William Bone, also in Flitton, 1800. I suspect the Haynes children are theirs, I've got matching names and years but didn't have christening dates. Confusingly they had a son Thomas in 1803, James in 1806 and James Thomas Seabrook in 1808. Presumably the other children died.
The Shillington is a stray though, still there are a lot of Bones in the area.

23-09-2007, 1:21 PM
Hi Angela,

thanks for that. I can't think how I missed the Wm Bone and Sarah Faldo marriage at Flitton! Never mind, you've got it, thats the main thing, and you've found out about the Seabrook connection.

We should all be forever grateful, for that custom they had of using surnames as middle names!!

regards birdlip