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06-08-2007, 1:21 PM
Looking for any information regarding Charles Cox. From 1903-1922 he was licensee of the Golden Lion, Biggleswade. He married Eliza and had 2 sons, Charles (died in infancy pre 1914) and Arther Herbert (b.1914). I've been told he served in the Metropolitan Police before moving to Bedfordshire.
Any info. greatly appreciated.

15-03-2009, 12:00 PM
Hi Angela,

I don't know how much further you managed to get with Charles Cox, but I see that the Biggleswade History Society has just joined Parish Chest. They have 3 publications called Bygone Biggleswade (http://www.parishchest.com/shop/index.php?cmd=listlinkeditems&cat=D11609&supplier=&breadcrumb=Family+History+Societies%2C+etc.%3ABigg leswade+History+Society:Publications) with photographs and details about some of the people who lived there. You might find Charles amongst them.

Just a thought..... :o

15-03-2009, 5:26 PM
Hi Jan,
Thanks for the suggestion, I've already made use of the very friendly people who run the society.


15-03-2009, 5:29 PM
You'e welcome - and I am glad that they have been able to help. :)