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05-08-2007, 1:07 PM
I Am Looking For The Marriage Of Herbert Langton And Clara Andrews.

Clara Was Still Andrews In 1891 [in Lancashire],but In 1901 She Is Langton[living In Durham].

I Have Checked The England And Wales Bmd,from 1895 To 1901 But Have Not Found Anything.so Could Someone Check The Scotland Bmd.

Clara Is Suppose To Be Born In 1879,so I Am Assuming People Got Married Around 16 Onwards.

Regards Phifer.

23-09-2007, 10:06 AM
Hi. I ran a search for your Herbert Langton with a search tool I've used for yrs. It gave me 8 results. Some are from the UK & there is one for Rootsweb Worldconnect of a very long desc. report with your guy in it, I believe. If it is acceptable/permissable to post several links in a post I will do so later today (US Central Time).

This is my 1st post, & still not quite use to things. Quite different from the other msg. boards, but so much better in my opinion & a lot of great tips & help going thru as well.

Regards, Links_Lady

23-09-2007, 10:28 AM
I just looked on Scotlands People and searched from 1891 to 1911 but didn't find any matches. That was also using soundex and variants.

Was Herbert Langton in the services? Maybe they married overseas.

23-09-2007, 10:40 AM
Another possibility is that Clara was married to someone else and widowed in between 1891 and 1901. Do you have all her children's birth certificates? Is Andrews consistently given as maiden name in all birth certificates?

I ask that, because I had a case where my ancesters birth certificate gave mother's maiden name as Cownwall, but I couldn't find a marriage. Three more birth certificates later, I find she was actually late Bull nee Cornwell. I found the corresponding Cornwall/Bull marriage - but still haven't found her second marriage after she was widowed!!!