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15-06-2007, 12:32 PM
I am looking for ancestors in Scotland named DARWOOD. It is possible that this is not the original spelling and that the name should be DORWOOD/DURWARD etc etc.

It is possible that this family originated in the Angus region maybe Monikie or Forfar.

I look forward to any enquiries
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15-06-2007, 2:01 PM
There are a number of DARWOODs/etc listed in the Scottish censuses from the Forfar area. My father came from Forfar & I used to visit the library there, but now I only have access to the transcriptions, not the originals. My step-mother-in-law also comes from Forfar. What names & dates are you looking for?

09-07-2007, 1:26 PM
Hello Wirral,
Many thanks for answering my enquiry. This line of the family has been a hard nut to crack. Although a huge amount of research has been done on many members of this family we are still unsure of the original John Darwood's origins and how and why he ended up in Burma. He was an engineer on the paddlesteamer "Diana" in the 1st Burma War from 1824-26. He lost his leg in this battle and later married a Margaret Snowball who was the daughter of Captain William Snowball who was also a Scot.

John and Margaret's children where John William b. 15 Aug 1835, Jane b. 1836 and Charles William b. 1840 all in Moulmein Burma. The boy's second name I think reflects their mother Margaret's, father who was also a William.

Research done in the 1980's by a professional researcher put the original John Darwood as coming from Monikie - I think in 1803. This information was then added to the book by Alister McRae titled "The Scots in Burma". It is believed that John belonged to the Bombay Marine but we have been unable to find him on any military records of the time or the East India Co. John also received a pension of 150 Rupees a month I assume from the EIC but cannot confirm.

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding whether he was from England or Scotland and although there are quite a few Darwood's in England around that time he would not appear in any of the UK census as he was living in Burma by c 1824.

I look forward to any advice you are able to give on this part of my research.
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