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Geordie Ken
08-03-2007, 10:03 PM
Agnes was my Gt Grandmother, she married Harry Miller who was from Malton in Yorkshire and I know of two offspring, James Cyril Miller b1894 and Walter Miller b1899, both born in Headingley Leeds. The family are on the 1901 English census but I cannot trace them on the 1891 Census nor can I find a marriage in England.

09-03-2007, 11:41 AM
Hi Geordie Ken

I looked on Scotlandspeople (a pay per view site)

but no birth for any GRIEF/GREIF anywhere in Scotland for 1855-1906.
Checked censuses 1841-1901 in Scotland but again no-one called GRIEF on any of these. There were however some entries for GREIF - 1 in 1861, 10 in 1971 & 2 in 1881 but none for an Agnes. I have no credits left so cannot tell you which districts these were in.

Did you get the surname for Agnes from one of her son's birth certs? If so you may consider getting the cert for the other son. In one of my family lines I had the mother on a child's cert as BUSHILL but could find no birth for this mother. It was not until I got the certs for 2 more children that I found the mother's name as BUSHNELL & have now found mother's birth.


09-03-2007, 7:26 PM
There are several Agnes Grieve's listed in the 1891 Scotland census who were born abt 1870. Look in Largo, Fife; Dalziel, Lanarkshire; Wandell & Lamington, Lanarkshire; Edinburgh St. Stephen, Midlothian; Edinburgh St. Andrew, Midlothian; and Hobkirk, Roxburghshire. Other spellings might be Grieff, Grieffe, Grieves, Graef, Grave, and Greeve.

There is an Agnes Greive born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire to John and Marion abt. 1870 which appears on the 1871 Scotland census for Glasgow St. George parish. Another Agnes Greive was born in Lanark, Lanarkshire to John and Agnes in 1869 and is in the 1871 census for Lanark. An Agnes Grieve was born to David and Catherine in Errol, Perthshire in 1871 and is in the 1871 census for Errol. And Agnes S. Grieve was born to John and Catherine S. in Kirknewton, Edinborough in 1870 and appears in the 1871 census for Kirknewton and East Calder, Midlothian, Scotland.

Hope this helps,


Geordie Ken
12-03-2007, 7:38 PM
Thanks Sally and DebbieAnn

I understand what you say about names, another branch of my family alternates between Stuart and Stewart every 10 years. Agnes Greif does come from a birth certificate and it is very clear, her place of Birth is given as Scotland on the 1901 Census. It may be worth investing in a Birth Certificate for Walter Miller. I have looked briefly at the scotlands people web sit but have not paid because I was not sure what I would get, for example does it include Marriage records?

13-03-2007, 1:26 PM
Hi Geordie Ken

If you go back to the site, just below where you would sign in there are coloured boxes showing which records are available & what years they cover.

You can register & then do searches without paying any money up front, it is not until you want to view the results of searches or download an image that you have to pay for credits which cost 6 pounds for 30 credits.

I always suggest to researchers that they take a good look around the site even before they register. Use the blue bar at the top of the page - What's in the Database - is a good place to start.
Hope this helps

Don Arthur
27-02-2011, 3:38 AM
Hello Geordie Ken,
Having just joined BG and browsing for names I am researching I came across your posting of 2007 re Harry Miller and Agnes Grief.
Wondered if you have solved this problem yet, because if not, I may be able to help.
I am sure that Harry Miller was the son of Emma Miller and William Postill (my great grandfather), who, for some reason unknown started using his mother's maiden name of Miller after he married Agnes Grief in 1893 in Leeds.
Regards, Don A.