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17-01-2007, 6:19 AM

I'm a little surprised to find myself researching in Ireland but not dissapointed.

I've been looking for records for my Gt Gmother and was led in the direction of Melbourne Derbyshire.
I finally located her marriage in Melbourne Australia.
Margaret Daly b. 1828
Her marriage record of 1856 gives PoB as Culmullin, Co Neath Ireland. Her parents Daniel Daly, Boot and Shoe Maker and Ann Daly maiden name Riley (Australian spelling).
At this point I am assuming they were migrants, I understand this was the era of the Famine.
Can anyone confirm these parents for me and possibly advise where I might search for emigration records?


Melissa Jones
17-01-2007, 9:32 PM
Hi Tony,

There are some Australian assisted immigrant indexes on the internet. A useful one is the NSW State Records available at: http://www.records.nsw.gov.au/archives/assisted_immigrants_1839-96_366.asp

I briefly looked at the index for assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney & Newcastle between 1844-59 and found the following:

Margaret DALY (21) and sister - arrived 1853 on the "Australia". Reel number: 2136, 2464.
Ellen DALY (23) and sister - arrived 1853 on the "Australia". Reel number: 2136, 2464.
Margaret DALEY (18) - arrived 1854 on the "Lady Kennaway". Reel number: 2137, 2466.

Searching the reels should give further info on where the respective Daly/Daley individuals were from.

I also had a quick look at Griffith's Valuation for Ireland and found the following Daly's in Culmullin:

Michael DALY (Curraghtown, Culmullin, Co. Meath)
John DALY (Cultromer, Culmullin, Co. Meath)

Hope this helps.


18-01-2007, 11:04 AM
You may be interested in this death entry - the same parents as your Margaret (though death regs not as reliable)

Digger - Federation Index. Victoria 1889-1901

Surname: DALY
Given Names: Kate
Event: D
Spouse Surname/Father: Daly Danl
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Ann ORIELY
Age: 49
Age Code:
Birth Place:
Death Place: Ehawk **
Year: 1896
Reg. Number: 5725

** Eaglehawk is a suburb of Bendigo, central Victoria, Australia.

One thing I have learned with my Irish ancestors is to take all ages as guesses!

A lot of single girls arrived without their families.
PROV has online lists of assisted and unassisted arrivals.
go to "access the collection" then "online indexes and databases"

C :)

19-01-2007, 3:35 AM
Melissa and Christine R

So many thanks for these.
I have had trouble with this part of my family for a long time as someone who has done past research, insisted that my Gt Gmother was from Melbourne Derbyshire.

I found her birth on PROV and her parents marriage, so I stumbled on a whole heap of new ancestors.

Thank you once again your advice is invaluable