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12-01-2007, 11:40 PM
I am looking for 2 people: Joseph Windlow who was born in 1843 in North Shields. I found him in the 1851 and 1861 census - but can not find him in the 1871 census. In the 1881 census he has a wife, Catherine and a son, William, who is 10 years old - born in Winlaton, Durham.

I cannot find any GRO information for William's birth. In 1901 William turns up with a wife - Jane, who he married in 1900. (Under the name William Johnson Windlow). His age was recorded as being 28 years. Yet I still cannot find him in the Birth records.

I bought a birth certificate for William John Winlow, thinking there might be an error with the surname and middle name - but the name of the father was Ralph, not Joseph. Rather than spending another 7 on a "Possible" can anyone offer any other advice please?

My only other thought was could it be the William Windlow born in Newcastle in 1866 - a few years out - but who's counting?!!!

I would really appreciate some help because this is driving me nuts!

13-01-2007, 1:26 AM
Hi Jaki,

Is this Joseph in 1871? Note that Ancestry has him as Windon

Civil parish: Winlaton
Ecclesiastical parish: St Paul
Town: Winlaton
County/Island: Durham
Country: England
Registration district: Gateshead
Sub-registration district: Winlaton
ED, institution, or vessel: 1
Household schedule number: 151
RG10; Piece: 5065; Folio: 18; Page: 30

(The writing really is atrocious on this one and I am not the best at reading it so if anyone else wants to have a go)

Address: Jobbings Garth????

Isabella Lindlow? Laidlow? Laidler? Head W 38 Milliner Northumberland North Shield
John Tom Hagg? Son 15 Smiths striker Northumberland North Shield
Joseph Windlow Brother Mar 27 Foreman Northumberland North Shield
Kate Windlow Daur Mar 20 Northumberland North Shield
Isabella Miller Niece 9 Scholar Northumberland North Shield
William Windlow Nephew 4 Months Durham Winlaton

(I suspect Kate is really the wife of Joseph)

13-01-2007, 6:14 PM
Hi Procat,

Thank you - you are absolutely right - Kate, or Catherine is Joseph's wife. Isabella is Joe's sister and John Thomas Huggup is her son. Interestingly she has reverted back to her maiden name, rather than her married name of Huggup.

I'll have a go at deciphering it at Ancestry, now I know where to look.

Once again many thanks.