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10-01-2007, 5:49 PM

I'm trying to locate the gravestone of my 2xggrandfather, John Elijah GUISE, b. 1847, Dodderhill.

On the 1901 census, he was living on Oakley Street in Droitwich and his daughters were christened at St. Andrews Church.

Is there a list available of any of the gravestones for the churches in the Droitwich area?

Thank you for your time.


Paul Marshall
11-01-2007, 6:53 AM
Hi Lesley,

Worcestershire Library & History Centre has (on microfilm)

Dodderhill - Burials & MI's
Droitwich - St Andrew Burials
Droitwich - St Nicholas Burials & MI's
Droitwich - St Peter Burials & MI's


11-01-2007, 7:42 PM
Hi Lesley,

I personally collected and transcibed a great many Worcestershire M I's. Droitwich St Andrew does not have a surviving burial ground with the church. I assume some of the more modern buildings which are now the church's neighbours were built on the site. There is also another burial ground for the now non existent St Mary de Witton in Droitwich. There are also gravestones there dating from around the early 20th century. The Worcestershire burial index covers burials in Droitwich St Andrew from 1660-1899. Worcester County record office has copies of most if not all it's MI's on the shelf, again nearly all indexed.
Cheers Jeremy

18-01-2007, 7:39 PM
Thank you for the burial records information.

Is St. Andrews the church on the Droitwich High Street?

I visited Droitwich very briefly a couple of years ago, and noticed a church on the High Street.

There was also a large church up a hill, on the other side of the river to the High Street, near Dodderhill Road. Many of my relatives are listed as baptised in Dodderhill.

21-01-2007, 10:14 AM
Hi Lesley,
Yes, St Andrew's is the church at the top of the high street in Droitwich and the church on the hill is Dodderhill. If you relatives were in both those churches it is likely they were in St. Peters too as the three parishes are quite intertwined.


29-08-2007, 3:26 AM
...i think my relative has a memorial stone in the church at Dodderhill...his name was John Elijah GUISE, b. 1847...

24-04-2008, 9:05 AM
Hi Lesley,
Interesting to know your Elijah Guise is buried in Droitwich. My 3rd Great Grandmother is supposed to be buried there.She was Sarah Guise, nee Cowley and was married to John Guise.She died in 1895 and was born in 1817 in Hereford.They were married in Worcester and had a small farm in Castlemorton.If you are looking for head stones, you may find hers too.