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10-01-2007, 4:22 PM
Could someone tell me the name of the hospital in Barnet used as a Military Hospital during World War 1.


blue eyes
10-01-2007, 7:46 PM
Hi Ajay, have a look at the link below for WW1 hospitals



Ken Boyce
11-01-2007, 4:58 AM
Hi Ajay
This may be nothing more than just a coincidence but as a young lad I was hospitalized in Barnet General Hospital located as I recall in Wellhouse Lane. The Ward that I was confined to was in the grounds of the main hospital and contained roughly 20 beds in a dorm like setting. The building had a semi-circular cross-section typical of military barracks If I remember correctly (it was over 60yrs ago) there were quite a few of these barrack type buildings in the hospital grounds. So the old military hospital may have been located in Wellhouse Lane later to form part of BGH. I checked the 1901 Middx Census and did not find a hospital existing in Wellhouse in 1901


Peter Goodey
11-01-2007, 7:44 AM
Barnet General Hospital, Wellhouse Lane was formerly the workhouse infirmary which means it's quite likely that it was used as a military hospital during WW1.

According to the Hospital Records Database, not many useful records seem to have survived.

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies may be able to confirm all this.

Paul Marshall
11-01-2007, 10:08 AM
"The Barnet Union workhouse was built in 1836-7 at the end of West End Lane and at the south side of Well House Lane. The main building, backing on to Well House Lane, had a T-shaped layout with deep wings containing back-to-back wards"

"The site was taken over for use as a military hospital during the First World War. The site now serves as Barnet General Hospital."



11-01-2007, 11:01 AM
Many thanks for all the replies. The reason behind the request was that my uncle was in a member of the Australian Machine Gun Corps and spent time in the hospital after being gassed in World War 1. My uncle emigrated to Australia and joined the Australian Army in 1916 and lost his life in August 1918.


Ken Boyce
13-01-2007, 3:32 AM
Part 1 of 2

This is to set the record straight re the lack of a 1901 Census listing for a hospital in Wellhouse Lane (and to spin some time in the warm as it is freezing -10deg C outside).
As part of my original posting I thought it useful to check the 1901 to see if a forerunner to the BGH was shown at the Wellhouse Lane location. As access to BGH in the 1940s was via Wellhouse Lane and I wrongly assumed that would be the case for any forerunner so I was searching for a hospital or the like on Wellhouse.

Turn of the century Wellhouse Lane area was located in one of those Civil Registration vs. Admin County boundary alignment anomalies (Herts and Middx) seemly made more fuzzy by the proximity of the boundary between two Middx Registration Districts (South Mimms and Barnet). I again assumed (rightly so as it turned out) that Wellhouse was part of Hertfordshire but was in the Chipping Barnet Civil Parish of the Barnet Reg District which was in the Middx Civil Reg jurisdiction Nothing resembling a hospital was found on Wellhouse in the Middx 1901 except for a few houses and cottages) and nothing was listed under Hospitals or Infirmaries (had I screwed up my registration county boundaries? - so I also checked the Herts 1901 Census – nothing).

To be Con’d

Ken Boyce
13-01-2007, 3:33 AM
Part2 of 2
Being curious as to why nothing showed in the Middx 1901 I subsequently checked the 1896ed Godfrey Maps M6.03/07 and found that the old Union Workhouse was sited at the location of the future BGH but was at that time accessed from the north via West End Lane as Paul so rightly pointed out in a later posting. I then checked the 1901 Middx Census for West End Lane (RG13/1230 folios 39-43 -same as for Wellhouse) but again some private residences - no hospital or the like.

A gleam of light - check the 1901 Barnet Census Index for the Workhouse – there it was – Infirmary to the fore – hiding at the end of the East Barnet Civil Parish Enumerations in RG13/1232 Folios 90-95 which happen to be at the end of the Barnet Pieces – a reminder that Institutions and the like may be located at the end of an appropriate ED, or at the end of a the containing Piece, or at the end of a containing district.

(BTW preliminary investigations using research goodies gifted from the family at Xmas indicate that my forbearers seem to have singularly populated the area covered by the Chipping Barnet and Arkley Civil Parishes and somehow obtained a monopoly on bricklaying!!)