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05-12-2006, 8:10 AM

I have a George Mantell who married Martha Housto(u)n in Whatley, Somerset in 1788. I believe (from the IGI) that they had a son George Mantel, born 26 DEC 1789, Christened 21 FEB 1790, Upper Meeting Independent, Westbury, Wiltshire, England. The would fit with Martha's upbringing as her father was Rev. Dr. Alexander Houstoun of Frome and and known dissenter.

Then I have no idea what happened to George Sr. & wife Martha. There is another IGI entry for the birth of George Houstoun Mantell, 13 AUG 1815, christened 30 OCT 1815 Newport Street Independent, Swindon, Wiltshire, England.
Grandson of George and Martha?

Search engines for "George Mantell" inevitably hit on Gideon Mantell and his stay with his uncle Rev. George Mantell in Westbury and Swindon.

Is this the same George married to Martha Houstoun? Was he a reverend? Taken from "Charles Lyell and Gideon Mantell, 1821-1852: Their Quest for Elite Status in English Geology. Supplementary Volume: The Correspondence between Charles Lyell and his family and Gideon Algernon Mantell: 1821-1852. Authors: Wennerbom, Alan John
CHAPTER FOUR, SOCIAL FACTORS AFFECTING THE GEOLOGICAL CAREERS OF LYELL AND MANTELL. "Educated at Mr Button’s School (a day scholar) till 1801 from 1797. Went as boarder to his uncle Rev. George Mantell at Westbury, Wiltshire and afterwards removed with his Uncle to Swindon in the same County from 1801-1804."

So I have a George Mantell in Westbury and Swindon which also seems to match the exerpt.

Any ideas of how I may confirm this and possibly find out what happened to George and Martha?


Cath Kirk
10-08-2008, 3:36 PM
I am also researching the Mantell family for a distant relative of mine.
I think Gideon was visiting the father of the George Mantell born in Westbury in 1789. George Mantell (b 1789) was married in Swindon in Jan 1813 to Ann Iles and his first son (John Iles Mantell) was born there. He later moved to Faringdon Berkshire and had lots more children including George Houston Mantell and Alexander Houston Mantell. But his occupation on 1841 and 1851 censuses is a surgeon/ physician not reverend and in 1801-1804 he would have only been 12-15 years old. So perhaps the father also George was a reverend and the family were living together.

What is confusing is where Martha Houston fits in exactly. IGI has a reord of a Martha Houstoun born in 1743 who marries George Mantell in 1764 with a record of a son born in 1765 in Faringdon Berkshire.
Confusingly another George Mantell is born in 1789 in Westbury - his mother is also listed as Martha but no surname given.
It could be that the two are brothers born over 20 years apart - if the first died and George and Martha had another son late in life - it is just possible although Martha would have been about 46 in 1789??? Or it could be that Martha Houston is the grandmother of the younger George and that her son's wife also happens to be called Martha by coincidence.

But your information seems to suggest that George married Martha Houston in 1788 in Somerset. I can find no record of this online - could you please tell me the source as this may help solve the puzzle.

I also did a bit of research on Gideon Algernon to see if this helped show how the families are linked. Born 3 Feb 1790 in Lewes Sussex - parents Thomas Mantell and Sarah Austen. Further confusion in that his grandparents were Thomas Mantell and Susannah Austen. But according to IGI there are 2 records for a George Mantell with these parents born either 1739 or 1754.
Perhaps this is the George Mantell who became a reverend and moved to Berkshire and later Wiltshire.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other information.
If I find anything else I will post again.
Good luck