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13-11-2006, 1:58 PM

This is driving me mad, is there any way I can locate the names of my mum's siblings? The family lived in Railway Terrace, West Herrington. Parents were William Sidaway and Christina Wilson who married in March 1906. Looked on BMD for the children born after 1911 but only found the two youngest, William and Elsie but I know it was a big family


13-11-2006, 4:48 PM
You will have to search the years between marriage and 1911. The mother's maiden name is not in the index before 1911. You have to hope that Sidaway is a rare name and assume any you find are yours, or buy all the certificates for those you find to be sure.

The only other option is to wait for the release of the 1911 census.

14-11-2006, 12:01 PM
There are various births registered on FreeBMD of SIDAWAYs registered in Houghton-le-Spring reg district (includes West Herrington) as follows:

William registered September qtr 1906
Charlotte and Elsie registered March qtr 1908
James registered June qtr 1910
Richard registered Sept qtr 1911 mothers maiden name WILSON

So Richard at least is definitely part of your family.


14-11-2006, 2:20 PM
Thank you everyone

Janet - thank you, Richard and James were uncles, so was William - who died just a few years later. There should also be a Christina and Marion born sometime between William and Richard but I have never been able to find them. After 1911 the only two I can find are my mum and uncle - but there are several more, including twins somewhere. Tried to locate church records but so far unsuccessful - thought it likely they'd all be christened same church as they lived in same village for many years. Both churches in West Herrington have long since been demolished.

Finding a few Sidaway relations now so I would like to complete the line - instead of a name with a question mark by it!

By the way, the Charlotte and Elsie were Great Aunts.


14-11-2006, 9:55 PM
This is driving me mad, is there any way I can locate the names of my mum's siblings? The family lived in Railway Terrace, West Herrington. Parents were William Sidaway
Did William SIDAWAY leave a will in which he mentions his surviving children?


15-11-2006, 11:55 AM
Hi Geoffers

No William left no will, bless him, he'd nothing to leave! Mum died 20 years ago and there are no birth certificates surviving. I met her older siblings, Marion, Christina and James - have found James but can't find Marion and Christina, they were born before 1910, then there were several more including twins, think they were all boys then my mum Elsie and an Uncle William - and I can find them on bmd! I have vague memories of names but thats all.

It would complete my tree if I could find them.


15-11-2006, 12:43 PM
I've found a Christine SIDAWAY on the GRO Index birth registered September qtr 1913 at Houghton vol 10a, page 1187, mother's maiden name WILSON so this looks like your Christina but I cannot find a Marion though I have searched from 1905 to 1916 under SIDAWAY and under WILSON in 1905 in case she was born before they married but nothing registered at Houghton. There is an Ethel SIDAWAY registered at Houghton in June 1905 vol 10a, page 562 don't know if she could be yours though.


15-11-2006, 1:36 PM
My mother's side of the family did strange things with their names. Many were given two forenames but were then always known by the second forename! Some were given pet names which were names in their own right - just not the ones used for their birth registrations. Perhaps this happened with some of your mum's siblings - just a thought.

16-11-2006, 9:47 AM
All I know is Christina was married to a Stebbing or Stebbings, she died in London but I've no idea when sometime around the 1960's I think. Mum was a great one for not keeping in touch and falling out with relatives, she kept no photos, no certificates of any sort and rarely could be persuaded to talk about her family. I have searched BMD with no success, could be I will never find out. Oh well, I've tried - and maybe the 1911 and 1921 census will fill in some gaps for me if I' m patient!


16-11-2006, 10:49 AM
Just to give you a bit more information Christina married John W L STEBBINGS in the June quarter 1933 at Houghton reg district, vol 10a, page 1096.


16-11-2006, 11:22 AM
from Janet's info found the death:
Christina Stebbings 29 July 1913 Soutwark 5e 211 Mar 1973

from that date of birth, confirms one Janet found earlier:
Christina Sidaway Wilson Houghton 10a 1187 Sep 1913

16-11-2006, 11:57 AM
Hi Jan and Annie -

Can't thank you enough, that is another piece of jigsaw in place.

I have tried searching through BMD since most of the siblings were born after 1911 when the mother's maiden name appeared on records - but can only find the two youngest - both of whom I already know all about. Not terribly sure of all the names but think they were all male children.


Ron Leech
17-11-2006, 7:56 AM
I have tried searching through BMD since most of the siblings were born after 1911 when the mother's maiden name appeared on records
You haven't said but are you using FreeBMD or Ancestry? The latter offers more comprehensive coverage and where FreeBMD is still being constructed births and marriages after 1911. Although you do need to watch that the page you are looking up is the correct one, there are errors and some ommissions.

If you have the space on your hard drive it is possible to save the various pages. I would be inclined to view all of the marriage pages for a number of years after say 1920. I would also if you know the age of the mother work out when the last child might have been born and view all of the Births up to that date.

17-11-2006, 11:10 AM
There is also a marriage on the GRO Index of a Wilfred SIDAWAY to a BURDON at Houghton reg district in June qtr 1931 vol 11a, page 979 - perhaps he is one of the missing boys??

Unfortunately viewing the GRO Index through Ancestry there is a massive no of pages coming up blank at the moment through the period March 1925 to March 1930 - in some cases whole years are just showing blank pages and of course that is just the period when the marriages of your SIDAWAYs are likely to be. Hopefully, they will get it sorted in the near future.