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16-10-2006, 4:40 PM
Hi there,
could someone please help me and see if there is John Beddows born Staffordshire, living in Liverpool either in the 2nd Bn North Staff or the 2nd Bn Kings (Liverpool) Regiment during WW1 possibly in India?
Many thanks John

16-10-2006, 4:57 PM
You could try a couple of lines to help yourself, e.g.

Check to see if he died - try the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Check to see if medals were awarded

Searching both the above is free - documents online charge a small fee to download a medal card

Try the National Roll of honour - it isn't complete, but can be seached on the pay-per-view site 1837online- also you can search 'Soldiers died in the Great War index' here.

I found a John Beddows born St.Helens and John Henry Beddows born Ironbridge who both popped their clogs in WW1.


16-10-2006, 9:02 PM
Thanks Geoffers, I have tried the sites you suggested except 1837.

The John Henry Beddows that you mentioned was my great uncle, his real name was Henry John Beddows but signed up as J.H Beddows. The other brother was Bertram Beddows who also died in WW1. The John Beddows I am looking for also his brother, my grandfather. I understand he was in India during WW1, and lived until 1960s
These are the family members that I have information

Private BERTRAM BEDDOWS, 33523, "B" Coy. 15th Bn., Cheshire Regiment, (Formerly 9939, Liverpool Regiment) who died on 24 October 1917.
Private JOHN HENRY BEDDOWS, 17215, 7th Bn., South Staffordshire Regiment who died on 09 September 1916.
Private CHARLES BEDDOW, 10375, 1st Bn, Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, who died on 09 August 1915

Thanks once again for your reply and your help which is appreciated.
Regards John

16-10-2006, 9:12 PM
Sadly, a lot of WW1 British Army Service Records wer destroyed or damaged in WW2. The following research guide on TNA's web-site explains what there is


The war diaries on documents online may provide intersting background about particular regiments were doing.