View Full Version : Up-Date of Pte. H.H. Humphrey's Diary- as promised--

07-10-2006, 8:17 PM
After receiving many encouraging messages and requests to continue with Pte. H.H.Humphrey's Diary,(43, Field Ambulance, RAMC) I have now completed the first six months of same. (From July-1915--December-1915.and will continue with further entries.

I have created an 'Information' Page -( which is still under construction, but viewable)relating specifically to the Diary. If any members have any relevant information that could be included on this page I would be pleased to consider it for inclusion.

Once again thank you for your support------Kath

08-10-2006, 11:26 AM
Nice to see the next installment. keep it coming. at least you know you have one reader out there!

Would love to find something like this in my family history. I have Dad's photos from WWII but no story or diary to go along with them. Maybe I'll publish them on the web one day as they have lots of his friends names printed on the back, and a relative of one of these would like to see the photos.