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10-11-2004, 1:30 AM
I am looking for information on a family of Easterbrooks.
The father was John Easterbrook chr. 15 July 1804 St Gregory's Dawlish, Devon.

He married Frances Lucas in 1827 who was born in 1812, Southampton.
What I am particularly interested in is seeing the records of their children's births.
This family had 10 children between 1828 and 1849 and then emigrated to Australia, or at least one of their daughters Martha did.
I have a direct ancestor, Thomas Stocker Wymond who married Alice Martha Weygood Easterbrook in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in 1856
I have their marraige certificate and she names her birth in Devon as well as her parents as John Easterbrook and Frances Lucas.
Her age corresponds to their daughter Martha Lucas Easterbrook.
If this is her, which I am sure it is, why in Australia has she named herself Alice?
Her older sister Frances has the name Weygood as one of her given names.
And on the birth records of her children she tended to use the name Martha instead of Alice.

Does anyone know where I would find the record of John and Frances's marraige and would it name Frances's parents?
If so, perhaps her mother's maiden name is Weygood.

Also John's parents are John Eastabrook and Sarah Tapp married 7 Apr 1796 in St Gregory's.
Where would I find a record of other children?

Thank you

20-11-2004, 11:55 AM
Hello Rachel,

I don't know if you have this information already, but here is John and family in the 1851 LDS transcript:

John EASTERBROOKS Head M 46 M Hairdresser Dawlish-Devon
Frances EASTERBROOKS Wife M 39 F Southampton-Ham
Elenora EASTERBROOKS Daur U 20 F Dawlish-Devon
Alexander EASTERBROOKS Son U 18 M Tin Plate Worker Dawlish-Devon
Martha EASTERBROOKS Daur - 15 F Dawlish-Devon
Mary EASTERBROOKS Daur - 14 F Dawlish-Devon
James EASTERBROOKS Son - 12 M Scholar Dawlish-Devon
John EASTERBROOKS Son - 10 M Scholar Dawlish-Devon
Henry EASTERBROOKS Son - 7 M Scholar Dawlish-Devon
Laura EASTERBROOKS Daur - 2 F Dawlish-Devon

Address: 5 Brook Street, Newton Abbot
Census Place: Dawlish Newton Abbot, Devonshire
PRO Reference: HO/107/1870 Folio: 55 Page: 18 FHL Film: 0221018

Here also is John snr and Sarah in the 1851 census:

John EASTERBROOKS Head M 83 M Proprietor of Houses Bradnich-Devon
Sarah EASTERBROOKS Wife M 80 F Topsham-Devon

Address: 12 Chapel Street, Newton Abbot
Census Place: Dawlish Newton Abbot, Devonshire
PRO Reference: HO/107/1870 Folio: 52 Page: 12 FHL Film: 0221018

Hope this helps.


14-01-2006, 5:57 PM
Dear Rachel and Janet,

I am a direct descendant of John Easterbrook and Frances Lucas through Martha Lucas Easterbrook's brother, James (1839 - ?). I am James' great great great granddaughter.

I am afraid I cannot help you with any of your questions as I have only just started researching my family tree but I will let you know if I make any progress.

In return I should be very grateful if you would let me know if you make any progress too!

Emma Easterbrook

10-03-2006, 5:30 PM
I have some details on my website:

Although I don't have the information you are particularly looking for:

Children's births:
After June 1837 you might find them in the BMD index (try FreeBMD). If you find a match the certificate can be ordered from the GRO.

Where did you find that Francis has the name Weygood as a given name?

John and Francis's marriage was before civil registration, and I haven't found the parish online, so you would probably need to go to the Devon records office or ask someone in Devon to look it up for you. Marriage records at this time normally name the fathers, but there are exceptions.

For John and Sarah's children you would also need to try the Devon records office.

I have traced the family through the censuses 1851-1901. Let me know if you want the details.

30-03-2006, 7:34 PM
Thanks for replying.
I've only come on this site today from default searching for another family. I hadn't realised I'd registered and posted before.
Okay, so we are distant relations eh!
James Easterbrook was chr. 7 Mar 1839 Dawlish, Devon.
I take it you know he married Laura Sellick as you are a descendant.
Do you have a definite marriage date for them. I only have 1866.
You can email me off line if you want more information about the family.

30-03-2006, 7:44 PM
Just to answer the other message measterbrook.
I believe it was either the parish record or from someone else on onegreatfamily.org. re: Frances's full name.
The name Weygood has thrown me off the scent for years.
I originally got the info from my father in law who had their daughter Martha down as Martha Weygood who I have never been able to track down.
I finally ordered the marriage cert from Australia (she married a Wymond which is why I knew to find them in Australia) and on the cert. put her full name as Alice Martha Weygood Easterbrook.
My husbands grandmother had Easterbrook as one of her given names and it was known to be well thought of but I never knew where it came from only that it was from a family relation and unfortunately she died before I could find out and at the time no Easterbrook was to be found on the family tree. So getting Thomas and Alice Martha's marraige cert. was a godsend. It named her age, her birth place and her parents full names. I still don't know where she got the Alice from as she was chr. Martha and on all her children's birth records she is named as Martha so why she put Alice on her marraige cert. goodness knows.
Anyway that leads me to the Weygood. I thought I would find her mother's maiden name to be Weygood as often happens but it is not, it is her maternal grandmother's name Frances Lucas' parents were Edward Lucas and Martha Weygood. But apart from that and a bap date for Southampton I don't have anything else on her. I have never researched in Hampshire so don't know how to go about getting any further info on her.


27-04-2006, 8:21 PM
I received the following contact:

I have come across a photo of a building with T S Wymond & co in Nelson New zealand - lately of Ballarat _ thought you may be interested - it was a clothing store in 1871.

Could this be Thomas Stocker who married Martha Lucas ?