View Full Version : Very odd...

Peter Goodey
24-09-2006, 10:41 AM
Very strange...

I've just had a message bounced because it was allegedly more than 1000 characters long. It wasn't but in any case 1000 characters is nothing.

So I chopped a bit off to send it separately and was told that I couldn't post another message within 60 seconds of the previous one!

24-09-2006, 10:59 AM
Snap! You used to not be able to post a second message within 30 seconds. I guess that Rod has tinkered with the settings to hopefully avoid the duplicating bug


Rod Neep
24-09-2006, 11:01 AM
Not strange at all. It is intentional.

But the full answer would give the visiting spammers too much information that I don't want to give.