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gill from wales
12-09-2006, 8:35 PM
Hi.. can anyone give me a great big push in the right direction please.

I have a marriage certificate for my grandparents .Edward Murphy born 1902, Martha Parsons born 1902, married 31/10/1931. fathers James Murphy dock labourer and David Parsons steam railway, have a witness down as Amelia Murphy..address for Edward 34 Green lane tranmere, and address for Martha 7 rose cottages tranmere.....

I have located some of the parsons at that address, but i just can`t get started with the elusive murphys. found on cheshire bmd site james murphy married to amelia murphy nee lloyd. how would i be able to tell it was them?

would be very grateful for any help

23-10-2006, 7:03 PM
Hi this could be difficult, you would need to find Edwards birth certificate, and there are 11 in 1902. If would help if you knew the date of birth then you can shorten the odds by getting the right qtr. The other is do you know if any children were born after 1911, the indexing will give the mothers maiden name.

The other way and may take time, do you live in the same area they did. Try and check at the family history centre in the Electoral rolls. Do you have their burials that would help. Are there any Aunts or Uncles, even an older cousin still around that may give you clues.

Sorry I can't help anymore but its worth getting as much information as possible before you start getting birth certificates.